• Ariana Grande is a really good role model

    I strongly believe that Ariana Grande is a really good role model because she has inspired many people and she has donated a lot of money to charity. She has done really nice things to her fans.

    Her music helps some people to calm down when they r angry and calm down when they are sad.

  • Something is wrong with her

    She appears to be a sweet girl on stage and nice to her fans, But in the real world she is messed up. She went to go lick cupcakes at a store for some reason.
    Then she went on a rant about hating fat people. Who knows how she is in the real world when no one is looking maybe she hates black people or white people or who knows what other people. She is two faced and giving money to charity does not make her better. She is just trying to improve her public image

  • No, Not Anymore

    She used to be but now honestly she ain't at all what I'd consider to be a positive role model. She's super revealing in her music videos and in any professional photos. She also swears a lot and I don't really think she's a good role model. She used to be but that was in the past before she resorted to licking cupcakes anymore.

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