• Ariana Grande "good girl"

    Yes I do think that Ariana Grande is one of pop music "good girls". Compared to the other pop music stars she is pretty tame in regards to outfits, style and videos. But did they not all start out that way? They were all looked upon as good girls and then they changed to get more attention.

  • She presents herself well.

    Ariana Grande is one of pop music's good girls, because she takes the time to present herself in a decent manner. She is also naturally beautiful, which you can't really say for Miley Cyrus. She has real talent, too, because she has also appeared on Broadway. I like her both as an artist and as a performer.

  • Ariana Grande music

    Ariana Grande is very new to the music screen and shes very popular in pop music. She is known to be a good girl thats a great performer. She has bridged the gap from pop misuc to hip hop and sometimes r and b. Her fans are very loyal and support her in everything she does.

  • Yes, I think she is a star and has allot of potential.

    Yes, I think she is a star and has allot of potential. I love her style and the positive attitude that comes from her soul. I think she can be a very big act in the future if she just keeps working really hard at her craft. I love all of her songs she has allot of hits already.

  • I don't know...

    Based on her recent music videos I wouldn't be so quick to say that she's one of the "good girls". Eventually all mainstream pop stars sell out due to corporate pressure (she was already a sell out from day one, but whatever). I think she's starting to realize that fame means more to her than the average person.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Who really cares

    No of my concern. Her personal life is not public business. Too many people make our talented celebrities the topic of drama of the day. Those people should be liked or disliked and left alone to live their lives as they wish. News and gossip shows suck and so does the paparazzi!

  • Too early to judge

    A lot of female singers of any genre come out as a good girl and then end up turning into a "not" good girl. Sometimes it can go as far as becoming a train wreck, but I don't see that happening really. I just don't want to be too quick to judge her because it tends to happen that when the spotlight gets put on them, all goes downhill.

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