Is Ariana Grande's style a do (yes) or a don't (no)?

Asked by: beautybyseanna
  • I love her!!!

    I love Ariana Grande! She is gorgeous! Every thing about her is awesome! If Ariana Grande is reading this, don't listen to what other people think. Just do your thing! Those haters are a tiny rock and you are a huge mountain. Don't listen to them. Haters suck... AND SWALLOW! ^.^

  • Ariana Grande is the sweetest girl ever!!!💗

    She is sweet, a great actress and singer. She is kind to her fans and loves her family a lot! I personally love her so much and she is one of the most amazing people I know. I hope I will meet her one day and be in a movie with her, since I also love acting. Plus her style is sometimes cute and sometimes sexy, which is great if a person so beautiful can make both work!!!
    Love you Ariana 💗

  • She Stays Sweet

    Many singers and young artists today have chosen to expose too much and turn to what I like to call "the dark side". She does not try to be like that and that is one of the reasons why she is a great role model for aspiring young artists today. If some people feel that her style is redundant, well then! Her style is different from what other artists and singers have worn. And for Emmawu1, her outfits are not like that. She just doesn't want to look as the little kid anymore. She wants to be taken more seriously by other artists and people in the industry. If you compare her style to what other artists wear today (cough* Cough* Miley Cyrus), you can easily tell who gets their clothes from your little shop. I'm sure you know what you can purchase from there very well. She has talent and if people disagree with her being a rising star, then why are you even listening to her. She's too busy being amazing for your stupid hate. Anyways, you aren't her mother to be telling her what to wear and what not to wear. She has her own style and I'm sure you all do too. He doesn't go around hating on you!

  • Fashionista Ariana Grande is in the House!

    I love her style! It says girly girl and that she doesn't care what others think of her. Way to go! I love Ariana Grande because of her beautiful voice and her girly style. What an inspiration for younger singers! She is so awesome, it's as if she is just a dream. I would think you could only hear a voice like her's in fairytales or movies with auto tune. I absolutely love her and my daughters adore her.

  • She is like a prostitute.

    If majority of women become like her, it will be abomination to us. That kind of woman is a sex symbol, a woman of pleasure and a hypocrite. I will choose to love a badass modest woman than a prostitute-like innocent woman. I fell in love on naturally beautiful modest women and I craved on immodest stylish women.

  • Ariana grande is a terrible role model

    Ariana grandes style is absolutely awful. People saying that she looks innocent and cute don't know anything. Ariana stage outfits are purchased from a sex shop. If you want to dress like ariana grande then go to your sex shop. On the television show victorious, ariana is often seen prancing around in strapless corsets and skirts that flip upward with every step and are hardly long enough to cover anything. Honestly if you think ariana grande is a a good role model then you have problems

  • Too much or too little?

    Yes, she's cute and talented, but how many strapless or sleeveless sweetheart dresses can one girl have? Ariana must have closets full. Her style started out being cute, but she's 20 now, I'm not saying wear pasties underneath a sheer dress, but maybe wear more a-line cuts. She can still be classy and girly while not looking like she's going to set the record of attending 400 sweet sixteen parties.

  • Nothing Special Here

    Having looked up Ariana Granda on Google and checking out several photos, all of which look pretty much the same, I do not see much in the way of unique style. In fact, I don't see anything astonishingly important about her look at all. Her hair has obviously been dyed, which is an interesting, but not unique color.

  • A don't for Ariana

    Ariana can join the long list of stars who sexualize themselves. Now she is upset that she is objectified. It is not her fault that pop stars have to do this to be successful, but it is her choice to lower herself in this fashion to succeed in that venue. Because of women like Ariana, it is more difficult for parents to teach their daughters now to respect themselves and not dress provocatively. She is an awful role model to anyone other than the girl who wants to be a sex object. Ariana wants it both ways. She wants the attention that comes from sexualizing herself, but not the disrespect. It's like wanting to steal but then not be thought of as a thief. If she gets what she wants - a world where girls can be respected for flaunting their bodies and their sexy pout - God help the world.

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