• Money not wasted

    Yes he is better off dead. Why should he sit in a cell, be provided with all the necessities of life(food, clothing, bed, probably a better health care system then most working people), all at the expense of american taxpayers? By him killing himself you just saved hundreds of thousands of tax dollars being wasted on a lowlife.

  • Yes, yes and yes.

    People like that are better off dead. What benefit is someone like that to society? None. All he does is cost the taxpayer money. I mean, jail isn't a real punishment, he could have sat in that jail cell all of his life, but he would have NEVER feel guilt for what he did, so jail wouldn't have been a real punishment. His crime was obviously premeditated, as he done it for years as well, that proves to me he would never regret what he did. So what would be the point in a jail term?
    He doesn't get out. His life is ended, someone having their life taken away (murdered, suicide or whatever) is a punishment, life is a gift, and he had his taken away, and good!

  • Deserved torture and punishment

    He is a terrible, disgusting man who was an unbelievable coward. Someone like him should've had a guard standing outside his doors at all times to make sure something like this didn't happen! He deserved to rot in his jail cell and think about what he did wrong! He deserved to be punished and waste the rest of his life the way he wasted those poor girls years away.

  • No, no, no!!!

    Ariel Castro is indeed a horrible man but nobody ever is better off dead. Ariel Castro has a soul, just as every human being and it is unacceptable to say he should die. If he dies he would go to hell and he still has a chance to be forgiven of his human rights infringements by a all loving and all powerful creator. We need to pray for him and his soul not for his death. -Loving Everybody, XOXO Spencer Joy

  • He took the coward's way out.

    If he did indeed commit suicide, and was not murdered, then he took the coward's way out. That monster should have to sit in his jail cell and think about all of the terrible things he did to those poor girls. Death is the easy way out, which is part of the reason I don't believe in the death penalty in general. To be honest, I'm pretty PO-ed that he's dead. He gets an out while his victims have to live with what he did to them for the rest of their lives. What a shame.

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