• Aristotle is a Pure Genious

    Aristotle's works and Philosophy are so great they triumph over the rest of philosophers. Aristotle took the knowledge he learned from all the previous philosophers especially Plato and completed it. Many philosophers tried to answer the question of what is the unmoved mover or the "archê" and Aristotle was the only one who answered it correctly by "The Unmoved Mover".

  • Aristotle best clarified the great questions

    Invented logic, clarified areas of philosophical inquiry and in particular made the key distinction between natural philosophy (including physics and metaphysics) and ethics, something that Socrates and Plato confused completely. Systematized the areas of knowledge - philosophy and sciences - that have stood the test of time, far more important than Plato (a more or less contemporaneous "competitor").

  • He made the great synthesis of the ancient philosophy

    He benefited from the discoveries of all his predecessors and developed a new coherent philosophical system, which has been inspiring for all our sciences ever since. There was no discipline of philosophy which he wasn't interested in, and to all he gave the foundation, if not a great development also.

  • 'Library' of knowledge

    No, no single philosopher is or can be or ever will be the greatest philosopher. Each individual philosopher contributes to the vast 'library' of knowledge in our world and each of their ideas are unique. Secondly, there can be no greatest philosophers,only great ones. Lastly, morality does not limit a 'great philosopher', a great philosopher would be able to think about both sides of an argument non-biased.

    Posted by: Mbhn
  • What philosophy tells us

    I think Aristotle would have said that there is no "Greatest Philosopher", only many good ones. Think about it. There are hundreds of philosophers in the world, many all making very valid points in their studies. So no one can say that Aristotle is the greatest philosopher anymore than I can say I am the greatest philosopher.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Flat out No

    The issue here firstly is personal bias I disagree with aristotle on many things. Secondly define greatest, most positive impact, smartest? Personally I prefer Socrates or maybe Machiavelli, but I would not call them the greatest philosophers. He was perhaps a great scientist and teacher but was he the greatest philosopher? No.

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Bullish says2013-05-31T19:29:36.487
I'm tired of you people focusing only on the West. What about Confucius? Lao Zi? The Buddah? Etc?