• Because it works.

    Yes, arson is one of the biggest causes of insurance fraud, because it is an effective way to get the insurance company to pay out on a building that the person doesn't want any more. A person only need to look at Detroit and the number of arsons there to see that this is common.

  • Yes, it is.

    People will often commit arson to collect money from their car insurance agencies. I do think that this is the biggest cause of insurance fraud. I one knew a person who did it to two of his cars, and collected a ton of money in doing so. It's pretty crazy.

  • Arson is a Large Part of fraud

    Arson is one of the leading reasons behind Insurance fraud. Arson is one of the easiest ways for people to attempt to commit Insurance fraud. Small business owners can often see collecting the Insurance money as one of the easiest ways to recover their losses once the business is going out of business. Also, for those attempting to commit fraud for life Insurance, Arson can be seen as an easy Way to collect on accidental death benefits.

  • It seems to be easy

    Arson makes for an excellent way to commit insurance fraud. Major amounts of debts can be eliminated, or failing businesses can be cashed in on by simply putting them up in flames. The idea that the evidence will all get burned to actions makes arson an attractive options, and the payouts are large.

  • Yes, its up there

    I know its very high on the list, for many reasons. If done right there is no evidence,but at what cost? If a person burns down a failing business and gets away with it, he may have saved his family,but hurt another. People in the insurance fields have jobs because they have the capitol to pay out. If that income is damaged people get laid off.

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