Is art a critical component of a child's education?

  • Helps teens and children to get out more.

    Giving opportunities to take part in the arts will affect children's lives in the future.
    The arts give teens and children chances to discover what they love to do, and it helps them develop useful social skills. Without the arts the world would be bland and boring, but our age holds the arts together. Many teens make memories while practicing arts, make new friends, and learn how to evolve socially.

  • Most def. so...

    Being an artist I have learned how to use my creativity in many other different aspects throughout life and in many different areas. Art is crucial in life as a way to one self expression, it has taught us many things about our history as humans and continues to enlighten us when new discoveries are made. Art isn't always a pretty picture to look at, most of the time it tells a story and in some cases it may even give us fact. My daughter is a lil' artist and she is one smart little girl, I believe that without any art or creativity in her life she would be bored and life would then become mundane all be about material, there is an underlying spiritual side to art. The truth is life is more than that, its about experience, its about finding self and if you are able to create something that makes other people smile or admire... or even something that tells a story then I think that in itself is a form of success. So.. art is important for a variety of different reasons. It helps us find our creative edge, expands minds, tells stories, brings us together, and obviously gives us something to focus on and do.

  • Of Course It Is

    Art is very important and something that should be in all schools. It is important that it is a part of a student's education and we need to make sure that there is some type of artistic outlet in all educational facilities. Art is just as important as other subjects in my opinion.

  • It is very important for younger and older children or teens in our modern society.

    Without creativity we would have a world without love or hope. Our world would be a soulless orbit. Many kids with disorders and health issues need that kind of therapy to cope with everything else. Art is also a way to express feelings inside that some kids would never do just to fit in. If art includes music then that helps the brain in school and things like that.

  • Art class is useful in many ways.

    Allowing children to experience and learn art is very important to education and childhood development. Not only does art allow children to explore ideas, emotions, and other abstract realms, but it has also been shown that children who participate in art and music classes also do better in the classic academic subject as well.

  • Art contributed nothing to my education, and lowered my overall mark.

    As far as education goes, I have been moderately successful up to this point. Academically, my scores on standardized tests typically rank in the 95th percentile. All art did was waste my time. I accomplished absolutely nothing in any art class, and at middle school was excluded from honor role because of my poor art grade. My math grade at the time was a 97%. All important aspects of my education had a solid foundation. Art just made me awkward.

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