• Art cures no disease and heals no sicknesses.

    The time spent making artistic things could instead be spent developing new treatments and cures or feeding the hungry. So you made a pretty painting .... Hooray for you. Give yourself a pat on the back. But how many people could you have helped with that time or money? To say that your "self expression" is more important than alleviating someone's suffering is the height of arrogance. Not only arrogance, but deliberate cruelty.

  • Art is pointless

    It does nothing to help civilisation, it is just for stupid people to pretend that they're clever in other ways. Art degrees are a waste of money, it doesn't advance you financially, it adds nothing to civilisation, it's just a way dumb people can say they have degrees by expressing themselves. You don't need to learn how to paint, cavemen were intellectual enough and so are nursery school kids.

  • Art is not necessary

    Thousands of people believe that art is the way of their lives. Well a very small amount of artists manage to become successful professional artists, and the ones that are don't really contribute to the advance of human kind.

    It seems that they could spend their time learning about biology and the other sciences to help better man's understanding of life and the universe.

  • Science is ultimately the reason we develop.

    Whilst Art has its place, I do not accept that Art is of any importance in society. Its more of a side thing to do, a hobby, an outlet for those either too stupid to do anything useful or the young and feckless. The focus should be on Science and Engineering in order to progress as human beings and to develop newer technologies which help understand the world around us. But for as long as painting pictures and singing is promoted more instead of anything useful then the world will not develop as quickly as it is capable of doing.

  • Let's cut the crap...

    I have been in music most of my life. I am 35 and have played the piano since I was three, bass guitar for 16 years, bassoon for about 16 years, and played the violin for 7. I have an associates of art and fine arts in music. Why? What purpose do they serve? This kind of education doesn't give me real skills that actually matter such as engineering or biology. Show me one artist that has DIRECTLY cured even one disease. Elton John has donated a lot of money to AIDS research but had it not been that donated money would his MUSIC have brought us closer to a cure? People can give all the rationalizations they want about this topic such as autistic kids coming out of their shell when hearing certain kinds of music, but that doesn't CURE their autism. That is just a cop out to make something pointless seem to be of paramount importance and nothing changes the FACTS. I am dedicating myself currently to electronics and maybe doing music as a hobby much like video games, a frivolous waste of brain power that is fun.

  • Do something productive with your time!

    Don't spend hours creating a picture just to express your feelings. Express yourself through words. Cavemen recorded historical events through pictures because they had no other means to do it. But in the 21 century we have done something amazing, we have created hundreds of different languages we can use to portray our feelings. Say what you want in a matter of seconds instead of drawing a picture to do so. Also why paint pictures of nature when you can step outside be in it.

  • What is the purpose of art?

    Is the purpose of art to depict reality? To be beautiful? Reality depicts itself perfectly and is the ultimate physical beauty. There is no point in that. Is the purpose of art to depict one's feelings? Of what value are mere feelings, chemicals and electrical impulses that contribute absolutely no tangible products to the world except a different perception of reality (which is a wrong perception since it is polluted with emotion, which is the inhibitor of reason)? There is no value in art.

  • Art produces nothing of true value.

    Philosophy is no art since it can produce viable principles that can be applied to reality (much like mathematics). Writing is no art since it is well-known that communication is a science. Fictional writings (great works like those of George Orwell) are closer to philosophy than fiction. But art as commonly understood, such as painting, sculpting, aimless writing, et cetera, are completely worthless. Feelings are an illusion caused by differing perception of reality which induces chemical reactions. The consciousness does not feel, it thinks only.

    Art is a complete waste of time.

  • Art requires an audience

    Any art form that requires an audience means that it needs to be affirmed or damned by someone, even if its only the artist. No one makes art and says, "I don't care if this is hideous," or if they do, they're lying. At least 95% of artwork is shown to someone, family member, art show, etc, with the hope that the OTHER person will decide if the art is good. That is a pathetic form of groveling, ,giving all of one's evaluation power to SOMEONE ELSE. Can't you see how pathetic that is? Even if you like your own art, you are thinking, "I bet others would like this, too." Yes. Don't lie to me. You are thinking that. I am right. Art is a pathetic appeal to one's self or others for affirmation. Pitiful.

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  • Most people who agree with the above statement are confusing 'Arts' with 'Fine Arts'.

    Fine Arts is the study of creative and visual art, while Arts is the study of languages, literature, history, and philosophy. I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Arabic and Development Studies. I am learning how to tackle extreme poverty, disease and global health, the geography of famine and global terrorism. Am I being ''arrogant'' and ''deliberately cruel''? Am I a ''stupid person'' who is ''doing nothing to help civilisation''?

  • Art is Illumination

    Good art is far from being a waste of time! It has many purposes: to capture moments in history (whether personal or public), to bring up pleasant thoughts in a viewers mind, to enlighten a viewer, to provide a means of escape, and much more. A world without art is a world devoid of a large chunk of personality, feeling, and some amazing moments of human creativity and accomplishment.

  • It's All Been Said Already

    I've nothing new to say: all the facts and many opinions are already stated above. What I believe, however, is that art may be considered a selfish act-- but never arrogant or a waste of time. Every person needs a bit of selfishness: it's called survival. If you're forever giving, you lose yourself and become just a mass, not an individual. Art, and other "selfish" acts, are imperative to retaining a mentally, emotionally, and otherwise healthy self. After all, why do doctors require pay for their services? It's that survival instinct we must all have.

  • Art Advances Human Intelligence

    To contrast art with science and technology shows a lack of insight into how ideas come about. Divergent and abstract thinking , which lead to the formation of new ideas, are essential to the progression of mankind; who so often becomes trapped within limited models of understanding. Art is the playground of the imagination and the facilitator of invention. So many of the advances in science have come directly from artistic experimentation. Artistic pursuits were the backbone of much of the scientific discoveries and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin. Life is art, to forget this truth is to be trapped in mediocrity .

  • Is Life a Waste of Time?

    Art is when you take the beauty and the meaning that you find in life, from your own personal view, and put it down on paper or canvas or stone, anything, really. Art is the way that we express what matters to us the most, and set it down to last the ages. Without Art, nothing is captured, created, remembered. We must all give something to the world to be our legacy, whether it's a child, or a book, or a place, or a song. Otherwise, our existences might as well be meaningless, because we made no discernible difference in the world. What's the point, even, if that happens? Art is the greatest legacy. This mere question, I find absurd.

  • Art is intrinsic to culture

    So you want to stop people pursuing art? Ok, well, you cant really just get rid of the visual arts, you would have to get rid of all of the arts, so that includes music. Oh, you like new music? Tough, stop wasting your time listening to/making music when you should be curing diseases. Do you like playing computer games in your leisure time? First of all, no leisure time for you silly, you're supposed to be advancing civilisation, remember? Second of all, you need artists to make games (good ones anyway) so don't expect anything new other than maths puzzles to play. You want a nice logo for your new tech company? You're going to have to design it yourself since you got rid of all the graphic designers. Congratulations, the society that you have created consists of a few talented elite and a massive underclass of factory workers and engineers who our building the machines that will inevitably replace them. Wanting to suppress the arts in the name of scientific 'progress' makes you a fascist. Anyone who say that art has no value is either extremely naïve or must see Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as a model society.

  • Art is important just as well as all other jobs/industries are too

    Without Art the world would be an extremely dreary place to live in, where no one could express themselves or show their imagination or creativity. Therefore Art is a form of what is in our minds , even if you construct something that isn't necessarily from your mood/feelings. Moreover without Art or any other Arts subject then we wouldn't be able to communicate with each other - e.g. languages and music etc. Therefore how would we live without being able to speak to each other. This would mean that we wouldn't know if someone was alright or not without a form of communication , for example if someone was ill or something of that sort. Moreover without Art how would academic subject matter come into existence? Even someone like Einstein whom was a Scientific genius would of had to be creative in order to achieve an outcome. You could even look at Science in general. With Science there have always been theories. But how would a theory come into existence without someone thinking of how a certain process happens? Therefore Art and the creative industry is a major aspect of our society and world and according to an Art teacher at my school the creative industry makes up about 1/3 of all jobs/employment.

  • Science is not everything.

    Yes, science saves lives. Yes science shows us new things. But is everything about finding out new things and moving the human race forward? No! Life is about living it to it's fullest, and just because you feel that expressing yourself is stupid, it's what life is about. It's what helps the human race evolve emotionally and mentally.

  • It answers the top level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    Art has taught religion and helped people visualize old writing.

    Also some people receive more utils/satisfaction doing art than working boring jobs.

    I guess if you want to be communist you can ban art and force people to do jobs they hate. I'm for free enterprise. My two cents. Peace.

  • If the world is ending and you must survive, you will grab supplies and not artwork.....But think about this:

    Art is a product of culture and society. We need it to understand ways of life, materials that are present, and civilization's understanding and thought process at the given time. Art isn't meant to save lives, but it can develop critical problem solving. People who are not artists do not see that aspect on how we must work through design characteristics and experimental ways to show the viewer a new way of telling a story, raising awareness and fulfilling our need to create. It makes the world tolerable. If a zombie outbreak happened, sure I'm not grabbing paint but people would eventually want art to produce an artistic culture to help ease tension and stress

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EmblueRain says2014-06-09T07:45:26.067
Art is the record, the expression, the answer to the Meaning of Life.
NNEye says2015-03-23T21:56:35.270
Replace "art" with "entertainment."

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