Is art just a phenomenum of modern society/industrialisation/wealth (because the people have more free time)?

  • A lot of art comes from more free time

    Much of the art comes from industrialized countries where people have more time and peace to enable them to 1) eat, 2) have a shelter and 3) develop a suitable medium of expression. In poorer countries where war poverty or hunger are rife, art isn't an option for the majority of the population.

  • Cavemen made Art

    People that hunted and gathered to survive had free time to make Art. Art is important to humans it shows people our feelings through visual imagery. Language is also good for explaining a concept but without visual reference things are still hard to comprehend. Language, music, Art all help each other and is more powerful when shown together. Art is a part of life, it is not that we have too much free time it's just people will always want to be able to create desirable images because we as human are an species that survive off our imaginations.

  • Art History 101 is Your Friend

    "Art" is has been around since the dawn of man. Whether it be a simply decorated clay vase sculpted to carry water from the local well, or the ridiculously intricate artwork painted on renaissance era ceilings. Here is a basic art history timeline for your review.


    Another subject you may want to research is artwork in advertising in early America. Very interesting. All catalogs, package logos etc were created by hand!

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