• This is not a yes or no question...

    Yes, art is more compatible with atheism or religion. Art is pretty cool I guess. There are lots of paintings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary but I have never seen a painting of the big bang. Maybe something by Jackson Pollock seems about right actually. Humans create art and humans create religion so they are basically the same thing.

  • Neither really .

    Unless we are talking about art specifically made for either belief such as a picture of Jesus or an art piece showing the Big Bang then art has no real connection to either belief, and of such neither should be seen as more compatible than the other. . . .

  • We should banned art class

    We should banned art class because they really teach you nothing in art class, all you ever do in art class is draw pictures and don't do anything else but all those pictures turn into trash and recycling and they don't care about anything people just want to draw and then just throw it away after drawing. So just banned art class because you draw then throw away your drawing.

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