Is art taken seriously (yes) today or not taken seriously (no)?

  • Art is taken seriously today.

    Art is taken seriously today, just as it has been taken seriously in the past. It will continue to be taken seriously in the future. Every generation brings new talented artists and art lovers. Art is constantly changing so although ancient art is appreciated and admired, modern art is also. New advances in what we consider art has increased the population of art lovers and art creators.

  • It is taken too serious.

    Yes, art is taken seriously today, because anything can be called art. There are more art fairs and festivals then ever before. Art is also becoming more accessible to the people, with the introduction of Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the many other communities that have followed suit. Sometimes art is taken too seriously, because it is not subject to criticism.

  • Yes, art is taken seriously in modern culture.

    Yes, art is taken seriously in today, as evidence by the fact that universities have programs dedicated to helping those with a passion for art make a career out of it. If it was not a viable career, no one would be given the opportunity to earn a degree in that field.

  • Art Has It's Place

    I believe art is taken seriously in today's world, as it has a large following. Of course, I don't believe all art forms are meant to be taken in a stern, serious manner. Believing this is so, is partially disregarding the importance of art. Art is suppose to evoke all different kinds of feelings and emotions, so some art may make you laugh, while other art may make you cry.

  • Art is taken seriously.

    For a couple of decades, art wasn't being taken seriously at all. But, over the last 5 or 6 years art is sort of making a renaissance across the world, and it's a nice thing to see. I think people want to get away from being so robotic and start expressing themselves again.

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