• But it's a good thing:

    The best art is totally useless. What more than being pretty does it do? However that is the main advantage of art; it doesn't actually do anything, the onlooker does, and that's when you gain insight into life itself. Art inspires introspection because it is a completely useless but absolutely pivotal part of life; aesthetics don't do anything but sometimes doing nothing is the best thing something can do.

  • It kinda is

    Though art helped humans communicate and restore history, Today’s art is far away from being useful to people. I get the aesthetic part and because it’s beautiful people tend to “appreciate” it. However, When art it’s been put at the same status as science and math, Or when people try to analyze it and figure the meaning of a art piece I find that bizarre because the meaning of art lies in the head of the artist which makes it harder for the consumers to get a fixed meaning or to even understand the central message that the artist was trying to cross. Besides art is subjective thus doesn’t have a tangible value. At least to me.

  • Art is useless

    Its useless because you will never use this in life. Math and other things we use more. Say in my job i will never ever use art. But it is ok to like art. You can say its emotion or whatever but i would use it to kill time or as a hobby. But my point is you will never use it in a job or anywhere else.

  • Art is totally useless

    Art is obviously useless. Art inspires us. Art can express your emotion and talent. Art improves creativity and imagination. But, can art solve problems? Can art build the future world? Absolutely not. Art is just fun and entertainment. Art is only piece of drama and also pointless dance.
    Artists always blame at Science and Technology. Does this really have a meaning? No. Artists are just spontaneous creatures. They can have some kind of talent. But, they don't have any knowledge.
    So, Art is factually pointless. It hasn't given anything to the world, expect some fun and enjoyment. And artists are just spontaneous, uncontrolled people. They just blame at Technology, not knowing that they don't have any little knowledge.

  • Yes Art is useless

    Yes art is useless. It not as important in today world as it is in the past. You can even argue that gym class is more important than art class since gym help your health in the long run physically and mentally while art class just help you have a more imaginary mind. Health, Math, and Science is much more vital today than art is now. So people really have to stop acting like art is everything to us because it isn't.

  • Art can't build our world

    Art is obviously useless. Art is just a little bit of drawing, ,music and also useless dance. Art shows talents, and inspires us. But can art build the modern world? Can art make technological marvels? Art maybe improve our sensibility. But art cannot do anything to the world. So, art is useless.

  • Art needs a fictional currency. Because it is not real.

    Should art be any worth any real money? You can not eat it, you can not sleep in it, you can not even hump it. So, by just pure common and sense, and logic. It has ZERO real, meaningful use in life. Take a piece of canvass (let's say 50 USD at the local stationary), some paint (30 USD). Now, a painter does not posses any tangible contributing life skill as well. They are not a surgeon so they can not save a life, not an engineer so they can not build or invent anything, not a doctor, or even a lawyer. They can not do anything of value or contribute in the real world we live in. However, I am feeling generous and say let's pay them 20 dollars an hour. Let's say we let them play for with the paint and the brush for say 100 hours to make a painting. Do you think that art should not be worth more than ( I am feeling generous ), max max max 2500 USD? I am just asking a question here. Do, we let certain people inflate or create bubbles around things that have no real value? Common sense, right !!!"

  • Art is a reflection of history but it does not influence everyday decision making.

    Art has been around for a couple thousand years and while some argue it has an impact, I beg to differ. Throughout history you can research art but all you will find is a reflection of past emotions you will not find it influence world changing decisions. Where was art when Hitler came to power? Where was art in the American Revolution? Did art help Eisenstein create the Theory of Relativity? When art has ever influenced a world changing decision or event? The answer is it hasn't. Do you think of art or it's "meaning" when you wake up in the morning? How about when your driving in your car? Unless your occupation is literally an artist you will never take art into account before you make a decision. I could go on and on but I know that this alone is evidence enough.

    Art is Useless

  • I think its good because

    Its a good way to express ourselves , escape from the world . I like art it makes me wonder things but honestly im just a year 6 searching stuff for an exhibition so im not sure if this is true but its my opinion and idc if u dont care , BAIIII

  • It is, but it isn't

    Art has no tangible use or meaning besides the one the viewer sees in it, So art can have no meaning or use or all the meaning in the world just depending on the viewer.I personally believe that some art is pointless and that some is not, it does not mean that either all art is useless or all art is meaningful the truth is somewhere in-between.
    Make of this what you will.

  • Art is Emotion

    There are plenty of robots and scientists to do all the math and stuff, humans need more emotions. Art inspires you, it expresses your most complex feelings that you cannot explain with words! Of course, art is beautiful and colorful and all, but it's much more than that! Art is not useless. You are only saying that you suck at it. Lol. By the way, i bet a thousand dollors that the face that i drew yesterday is much better thatn yours.

  • Art is everywhere.

    Art is life itself. In fact, if you create, you are an artist. Engineers and architects, are they not creating buildings or cars or technology, is art not creating something, with your hands? Art isn't just a pretty painting, it can be disturbing sometimes, but there's a reason for those drawings and paintings, to show people things: pleasant or not, they are things that can't be expressed with words. It brings people together, it shows people opinions and thoughts.
    Don't forget, art isn't just fine arts, its literature, dance, and theater. Some say it's not necessary for the world, but tell me, what good is the world, when there is no story, no purpose? No good and bad and love and hope, no pain and joy. What would be life without feeling, what would be life without art?

  • Not even close

    A world without art is a dead world, just imagine, you cant read because there no authors, you cant listen to music because there no singers, no bands, no instruments and no composers, you cant watch TV, because there are no shows (save or the News), there is no fashion, no architecture, no decoration...It would be like a grey and boring world

  • Art is definetley useful

    Art is one of the easiest and effective ways to learn about history. For example, lots of artists paint things they are surrounded by everyday, like cityscapes or the way people dress. So, what the textbooks are unable to capture art teaches in a much more passionate way. Art is education.

  • No, not useless!

    Definition of Art:
    the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance:

    Art has it's place and purpose in society. Art is entertainment/entertaining. Art generates jobs and income (eg. Dancers, paint suppliers, music teachers and plenty more). If art were useless it wouldn't be utilized at all. If art were useless we wouldn't devote museums, buildings, books, schools, time etc to it. There are many forms of art (painting, floral arrangements, sculpture, poetry, dance etc etc) and none of them are useless.

  • Art is NOT useless

    Art is definitely not useless.
    For the artworks in the past, they can reflect cultures, history, stories, and life of the past people.
    And as for the artworks nowadays, they express our feelings and our thoughts.
    Art is a way to show things that is hard to be explained by words, such as emotion and conflicts.
    Therefore, art is definitely not useless, but beautiful and useful :D

  • No it is not

    Art can never be useless. Art is very important in this world. Art makes people happy. Without it the world would be very emotionless. For me Art is my life and i live for Art. Art help those who are in pain. It makes people happy. I hate those people who believe that Art is useless.

  • It is not useless!

    Art is necessary for expressing our complex emotions, Developing our creativity, And keeping this world a happy place! Imagine we didn't have school orchestras, Operas, Colorful festivals, Choirs, Theaters, Street art, Etc. Think about how dull life would be without art. We need it! Art has also been proven to enhance our creativity and knowledge, Especially at a young age.

  • Hello guys hi

    I don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless i don't think art is useless

  • Art can show your talent

    Art is important because it might give out your feeling and how u feel all these days for me I LOVE ART it makes me feel talented and makes me happy to say it that I LOVE ART.Art is important to our history many ways and i will let art be in my heart forever!

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