• Aspartame is very bad

    Aspartame is a chemical that is in several diet products. It has been linked to intense headaches, other bodily ailments, and even cancer. Many people will partake in a product with aspartame because there are fewer calories, but the caloric benefits do not outweigh the potential health concerns. People should be more informed about the effects of aspartame.

  • Aspartame Causes a World of Ill

    Is aspartame really that bad? Aspartame, like many of the other artificial sweeteners, has been discovered to be far from benign. It has been shown to be dangerous for people who have pheylketonuria PKU, a disease. It is basically a poison. It has been shown to cause pre-term deliver and brain damage. It is manufactured using e-coli, causes headaches and seizures. This is the information that is in the news media now about aspartame, not a high recommendation that it is suitable to put in your food, unless you do not like yourself very much. There is so much negative press about this substance that it would behoove us stop ingesting it until the FDA has taken stock of it and made a decision whether it is really safe for human consumption. It seems to me that it does not make sense to eat something that is causes others so many difficulties. Perhaps it was premature to ever have allowed this substance to be used in food. A good idea might be to table...or rather remove from the eating table aspartame and all of the other artificial sweeteners that are so controversial until scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and the government can make figure out whether the are healthy for us to eat. Unfortunately businesses have a lot to lose if aspartame and its sister fake sweeteners are ruled unfit. [Many of them are actually insecticides]!

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