• It is safe.

    There are a lot of quacks and snake oil salespeople trying to convince us that aspartame is one of the most unsafe substances people can ingest, but there is no scientific literature backing this sort of babble. It's just another method for alternative doctors to make money ridding you of "toxins".

  • Yes, aspartame is safe.

    As of right now, there is no evidence to think that aspartame is unsafe. I personally don't like using it though. I hate the taste and I do not like the fact that it gives me some side effects like rashes. But for a lot of people, they use it with no problems.

  • Is anything Safe?

    No, of course Aspartame isn't safe, but in my opinion, nothing is. Sugar certainly isn't safe. Stevia, Sucralose, Agave, etc. all have their drawbacks and health hazards. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days doctors proved that breathing causes cancer. One of the most annoying effects of advanced medical science and a knowledgeable, media-savvy populace is that everybody can be an expert on the multitude of things that cause cancer. Aspertame is one of them, of course, but I don't think that makes it any more or less safe than any other product (and certainly any other sweetener) on the market.

  • Yes,aspartame is safe.

    Yes,aspartame is safe.Like any other substance aspartame can be misused but overall,it's as safe as any other substance.Like anything else moderation has to be exercised.As long as manufacturers directions are followed then there should no problem with health issues that are sometimes found in scientific studies using mice or other animals.

  • Aspertame the killer!!!

    Aspertame is one of the most unsafe chemicals in the world. Unlike some people, I know that there are various reports on this chemicals proving that it kills hundreds of people every year. Ive been reading the comments supporting aspartame and find you all to be liars that haven't researched a thing.

  • No It Isn't

    I believe studies have shown that aspartame can cause cancer, therefore it is not safe. The down side to this is the fact that most things are not good for you, especially if they are consumed on a regular basis. I believe these studies often over look that fact, which to me, is quite important.

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