• Asperger's Syndrome is really a syndrome.

    Asperger's Syndrome is real, but it should probably be classified as a variety of Autism. People would understand the condition better if it were recognized as a serious disease and not merely a personality quirk. Doctors today are often too eager to make diagnoses of disorders in order to make money from medication.

  • Aspergers is the next step in human evolution.

    Aspergians are not distracted (at least not as distracted) by social and romantic tendencies as NT's. They are fulfilled, smart, and kinder.

    They designed your computer. They designed your phone. They designed the basic structure of your house.

    People say their brains are wired wrong. No. Aspergian brains are wired RIGHT! It is everyone else's brain that is wired wrong.

    Perhaps normal people have "Neurotypical syndrome."

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Trom88 says2013-11-22T23:53:57.450
I have asbergers syndrome and i am a lot better at math and science but terrible at English and i am a very slow reader. I have more trouble comprehending stuff. I do also work a lot slower but i think its more of a blessing. If you want to know more tell me. Asbergers syndrome is different for everyone who has it but i will gladly tell you what its like for me.