• He's a pretty decent guy as far as mass murderers go.

    He wears a suit and tie, after all, and it goes well with his haircut. He looks younger and WAY smarter than Mao Ze-Dong, in fact he's even got a bit of a photogenic edge over Joseph Stalin. He describes his opposition as "terrorists," suggesting he performs his systematic attacks against Syrians with Syria's best interests at heart. You could probably sit down and enjoy a perfectly marvelous game of chess with him, without ever guessing that he's leading a Civil War that displaced 3 million of his people and killed 20,000 of his own civilians. He is a pleasant evil indeed.

  • It depends on

    Your view of morality, but if you thinking bombing 1,429 people (426 of them being children) is moral, then I guess not. It's one thing to dis-agree with rebels, but to bomb them? Anyways, he has done plenty of wrong in his career, which is why he has had two international honors revoked from him. Assads crimes are immense, and he needs to be stopped.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Assad is Evil

    I think anyone who kills innocent children is evil! And later he wanted to kill even more people because he was just testing the weapons to see if they'd work! This man is one of sheer evil! Who would kill so many people on purpose!? If he set the gases off by accident, okay. But he didn't!!!!!!! Assad is pure evil! XO

  • He killed the only people he was sworn to protect

    Of course he is evil. What kind of monster would kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children? He has been compared to Saddam Hussein now. If he wasn't so evil I don't think this whole conflict in Syria with us involved would be happening right now. So, you tell me. .

  • No matter what

    He is the president and he governs the people, if people dont want him he should abdicate, ok, let us they he does not need to abdicate but he could have done without forcing but he wants to force people in order to accept him as the way he is. He is evil,, no no no if I say him evil, then evil will be insulted

  • He needs to be eliminated

    Bashir Al Assad is evil. He oppresses his people, and kills thousands of his own innocent citizens. It doesn't get much worse than that. He used dirty bombs, and that in itself makes him evil. I hope that the US will deal with it in the right way. Lets see if Obama Screws up or not

  • He's a murderer

    With a military arsenal at his disposal, he had a large number of options including artillery and air strikes to surgically remove rebels, but instead he gassed over 1,400 civilians in an indirect shelling of populated neighborhoods. At the end of the day, he is responsible for avoidable and innocent deaths.

  • He is evil

    Please, this guy used chemical weapons on his own people. What kind of a person would do that? An evil one. Are you people really gonna support this guy? He is malicious and would probably do even worse if we don't do something. There may be some good in him but at most it is a tiny tiny sliver that is blocked out by the meanness in him.

  • He's a moral-degenerate. Enough said.

    My grandfather was killed in the Lebanese civil war by the Syrian army because they thought he was a Christian. So I naturally hate Assad and his army, because of the death of my grandfather and all the years of oppression we had to live in Lebanon before the 14 March revolution, Christians, Atheists and Muslims alike.

    That is to say, I don't only consider Assad an evil person because of his recent crimes. He has a long history of evil-doing and oppression that shouldnt be ignored.

    It is true that we have no conclusive evidence that he is beind the chemical bombing, but at times of war arrows that point to a certain direction are enough (if grounded factually) to accuse the war criminal. He is the one afterall with the chemical weapons (the rebels only got their hands on a small factory). He is the one who opposes that piece of land that was bombed. He is the one who bombed the two areas next to this area by Mig planes to constrict the citizens in one area. He is the one who has people working for him confessing that they were commanded to use chemical weapons now and previously. I find this scenario more convincing than the one that states that the rebels magically got their hands on powerful chemical weapons(without that being ever reported), bombed their own wives and children and then accused Assad so the US intervenes.

  • Historically Evil - PROVEN

    This is a barbaric CRIMINAL REGIME who has been brutally oppressing innocent civilians for nearly 50 years now. The Assad Regime also has a long history of being a dangerous TERRORIST threat to the outside world as well. Look up his Father Hafez. Assad Must Die SOON! Enough Of Assad! End His Life Now!

  • No, not necessarily.

    Assad may be doing things that are not very civil, but that does not make him evil. The civil war in Syria does not make him evil. Although what he is doing is not very civil, but that does not make him necessarily evil. We should still assassinate him because what he is doing is horrible.

  • The U.S. Government

    What is going on in Syria right now could be compared to what we (United States) did in Afghanistan and Iraq. We go in on false evidence, flatten most of the state and leave it in ruin. So my question is, why hasn't the United States government answered for its vandalism of another country? Anyways, evil is the complete wrong word to use in this situation, because who determines what "evil" is? My opinion of evil may be entirely different than yours. Assad may think the act of killing civilians is justified (if he was responsible for the chemical weapons attack). He may see no evil in the act what so ever.

  • The definition of evil is a man made up arbitrary concept

    The concept of good and evil is a oversimplification of reality, as there is no scientific and precise way of telling if something is good or evil. Rather good and evil is a human invention on the same lines of other fantasies such as the idea of God, paranormal mumbo jumble and aliens among us.

    It all comes to the human brain which is definitely not rational, that means that the human brain doesn't follow strict logic process but rather uses heuristics to simply complex precessing tasks. This heuristics imply simplification and a compromise in accuracy, which can lead to errors.

    One of these heuristics is the concept of good and evil; it simplifies the complex human interactions to black or white and depends on the subject perception and interests (there is no intrinsic good or evil). Therefore saying that Assad is evil or not is like saying that a unicorn is white or black; a complete fantasy. And really is doesn't matter as the unicorn doesn't exist.

  • Admittedly, chemical weapons were used against Syrian people, but there is no direct evidence that link Assad to it.

    Yes, anyone has the right to say that a person is evil if he uses chemical weapons against his people. But to say that Assad is evil because you think he used chemical weapons against the rebels is just unfair. Unproven accusations does not make a person evil. It may be the government but it does not mean that it was Assad who ordered the attack.

  • No he ins't

    Western propaganda is making him out to be to justify their corruption and dismantling of Syria. Good and evil is relative, and to call him evil for standing up for his country and defending it against terrorist is absurd. It would have been really easy for him to leave and not have the all this blood on his hands and conscience, but he chose to stay and protect his people. If anything he's nothing short of a hero. He'll proudly wears the title of bloodthirsty evil dictator if it means his country is stable and his people are happy.

  • Bloody tyrant yes, however he is the least worst of all possible options.

    I don't deny Assad is a bloody tryant, however the alternatives were even worse, Either that would be a Muslim Brotherhood led regime or the revival of the Islamic States. Also it is noteworthy under the Assad regime, which is relatively secular that the Christian minority have enjoyed relative peace. Christians would suffer immensely if either the Muslim Brotherhood or the Islamic state would come power.

  • Why? Just because the opposition media says so?

    Syrian civil war is a misnomer, its actually a Jihadi invasion backed by Saudi,Qatar, Turkey for pushing in wahhabi islam into a secular state.
    Overthrowing a Secular Nationalist government also aligns with the interest of Israel, US and its vassals who intend to control ME by either fragmenting it into squabbling entities or by having a sub subservient ruler in place who would serve their interest ahead of Syrian peoples interests.

    If you notice carefully you can see that it is only the media outlets from these opposing parties who are demonizing and vilifying Assad. The media outlets from supporting parties i.E China , Russia and Iran potray him as a saviour or hero. Media from countries that are not aligned with either parties usually publish both sides of the story and therfore people there take the vilifying horror stories with a pinch of salt

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