• Great for kids 10+ and very educational

    Hi my name is Sadie I am a mother to an 11 year old and a 15 year old to be honest I am very overprotective and don't let them play or watch anything over PG12 so as soon as I heard the name of the game it was an instant NO but a few days later my eldest son came up to me and gave me 2 pieces of paper and asked me to read them he had written about all the educational aspects of this game all the historical people,places and events it also said about that you only hear f### once and s### 3 times and no other swear words throughout the entire game you can turn the blood of in the settings as well if you children don't like the sight of it at first I was a bit sceptical I didn't know if he was just making it up to get the game but the he showed me all his resources and I did a bit of my own research and it all checked out don't let the 18+ fool you this is the only game I know of that the 18+ is COMPLETLEY WRONG the first few days they played it I supervised them and it was pretty OK I even learnt something new myself now they can play every weekend without supervision hopefully this was helpful.

  • Great for kids at LEAST 10+

    Assassins creed 4 is not really that bad, you can easily turn off the blood. It might have a few swear words but really... Your kids will have to learn what it is so they don't say it in the future. When I first got this game I've never played an assassins creed game, so I was thinking... This game sounds a little violent... It's gonna have some assassins killing everybody... But NO, it is actually very calm because you get the choice to kill or not, and even if you still go on a civilian killing spree it tells you to stop, and if you don't, you die...With no blood... Your not even a pirate that kills everybody in sight. And it even helps with history a bit, because you get to sail with Blackbeard. So I defiantly think it good for kids 10+ or at the max 12+

  • This game is should NOT be rated M

    For most parents, the main issue in this game is violence. However, it isn't much more than a realistic lego game. Both have puzzles, parkour, and fighting. The violence in this game is comparable to the violence in a Lord of the Rings movie, especially with blood turned off. Secondly, the language in this game is minimal. All middle schoolers will hear these words at school, in movies, or even from their own parents. All in all, this is a great game and should be fine for any child over 11 years old.

  • Yes it is very appropriate although it can depend on the behaviour of your child.

    I think assassins creed black flag is very suitable for kids 11+. It does have a couple of swear words every so often. And also it does not have even that much violence and is very mild. But this can often depend on the attitude of your child's behaviour when playing these games. Like I had a child who always used to play ac3 and cause he was getting bad tempered I took it off him. He was very upset and made a promise to turn off the blood and not get bad tempered when ever he played it so I said I would give him one more chance and then on he was never bad tempered or angry again he was 11

  • Don't get misled by the 18 rating!!

    For younger kids this is nothing more than a pirate game, with pirate violence. You need to assess your own child's maturity but I would say any child over 10 could play this game and not be adversely affected - provided you turn off the blood.

    There's a bit of optional drinking, a little bit of swearing and some mildly sexually suggestive bits (like heavy cleavage, and a visit to a brothel to talk to someone, but it's not obvious, and there's nothing explicit).

    You COULD play this game in an extreme way which is presumably why it has an 18. Under parental guidance and with blood off, it's a PG10 (or at worst, a PG12).

    But if you let your child play completely unsupervised, with blood on, I would say it's a 15.

    This is the only 18-rated game I know where the 18 is so wrong.

  • Depends on the child

    Your child can easily play this game if they .....
    1 have played games like batman or infamous and have not been scared of those because the violence is very similar to these games except for this game has blood but it can be turned off.
    2 if they have heard the s word or the f word even though In this game the s word is used only 4 times and the f word is used only once.
    In my opinion if your child has passed the top 2 reasons above there is absoulutley no reason that they should not be able to play this game. One more thing this game is very similar to batman most of the violence is hand to hand combat or with swords and the other part of the violence is guns which there is only one gun in the game which is a 1900's pistol which is nothing compared to the guns in other games so in my opinion batman is a great comparison to this game and in my opinion is actually more violent because of the gadgets. Also the only reason this game is rated M for mature is because of the 1 use of the F word any game with the F word is rated M but other than that this game should be rated T

  • I wouldn't recommend to kids, but definitely to teens

    It has that teenage edge with violence and mild gore but not at all enough to be disturbing. Not like GTA: GTA not recommended for under 15s, but this has a very involving story which is suitable for most ages and enjoyable which makes this fun for anyone. Highly recommended.

  • This game is suitable for 10+

    Assassin's Creed IV is probably the best of the series. It has the second lowest level of violence in all of the game and the second lowest level of sexual content, which is only occasional mild references to sex. Language is quite bad, but, all kids know the words. The language is also not frequent. This is a great game and teaches kids a little bit about history.

  • Yes, No, Okay

    Assassins creed 4 is the new videogame in the assassins creed line-up. Is there killing? Yes. Is there blood? Only if you have blood turned on in the settings. Is there a real pirate feel? I only got the game on March 30 and I'm not playing this game 24/7 but from the amount of the game I have played, yes. I have begged my mom for assassins creed for a while, I finally got the game and it is okay. The gameplay and controls are good and interesting. Your starting character is Edward Kenway (Conner Kenways's ancestor). Over all the game is good aside from random pop-ups teaching new players how to do something (ex. Leap Of Faith), so kind of like an in game tutorial. I give this game a 8/10.

  • AC4, for sure

    Assassins creed 4 is a great game for kids over 10. The violence is swords, 1600's pistols and blowpipes. No sexual content and the game is fun for anyone as you can see how life was in the Caribbean during that time period and it's awesome because it is a open-world game. Get this game!

  • Assassin's Creed 4 is not appropriate for kids.

    Violent video games are not appropriate for children. Violent games can encourage kids to be violent in real life. Video games do not show the real life consequences of violent actions. It is because of games like these that there has been an increase in school shootings. Kids should not play games like Assassin's Creed.

  • Tired of hearing "It's not THAT bad"

    WHEN does the shift occur in raising children when we stop focusing on teaching them to keep their hands to themselves, be polite, show kindness and compassion, and instead reinforce the notion that pretending to kill people is OK? What is the magic age when violence, b/c it is pretend, is ok to practice in our minds and bodies, because after all, it's "just a game"? When does pretend-play involving killing cross over from abhorrent to acceptable? Is it age 11? 12? If my five-year-old was pretending to massacre people in some kind of war, telling me he got extra points for shooting innocent bystanders, I would be disturbed - I would worry and wonder where that kind of aggression and anger were coming from. I would probably seek professional help. And yet, people on this page are saying it's OK for 12 year olds to "play" that they are ASSASSINATING PEOPLE.

    The human brain is not considered at full maturity until the age of 25 years old. Yes, 25. People are still actively forming neural pathways that govern executive functioning such as impulse control until their mid-twenties. It's the reason you can't rent a car before you are 25. It's why your insurance rates drop at that point. How are those pathways carved? Largely by input from our environments - what we see, hear, taste, smell, feel. Our experiences play a large part in shaping the people we will become. So WHY on EARTH would we want our children to practice violent behavior with a simulator? What are we trying to shape? Why would we want them desensitized to such cruelty and disregard for life?

    I am 42 years old, and I am still trying to learn how to be a more peaceful person. It takes a great deal of practice and deep breaths for me to think in stressful situations before I react in a way that may be unkind, to try not to yell. There have been a few times in the past (I regret to admit, albeit a rare occurence) when I swatted my young child's hiney in anger/discipline, only to feel terrible about later, knowing that I would have to practice being more patient, to find a better way to teach the lessons I want to teach with more kindness. It takes PRACTICE. And my brain is already M for Mature. I am sickened by the violence that passes as "fun" in our culture. That said, I can respect that there are perfectly sane adults who enjoy playing these games. I don't agree or understand it, but I can respect it. But for the LOVE of Pete, please stop encouraging kids to play these games.

  • Swearing is just everywhere.

    I'm not going to say kids shouldn't play it, I love the assassins creed franchise, but there is much too many swear words for me to consider "appropriate". It has f*** used as liberally as the French Revolution, and I think a few c***s. Not that that will stop a lot of parents, I'm just saying it's not "appropriate".

  • It could be for teens but not for 10 year old

    Letting 10 year olds play this is crazy
    i would let my child only play this when they are at least 13 and mature.
    Yes it does have lots of swearing,killing.
    However most teens know those words but definately not 10 years.
    They would start to use this as play role and think that it is ok and its not.
    It is a bad infuence on kids.
    However it is just not about kiling people.It actually has a storyline to it.

  • Going violent is too easy, while non violent solutions are too hard.

    The game allow you to avoid conflicts most of the time. However, more often than not, those alternatives are harder than actually fighting. This draws the children attention to the combat aspect of the game rather than story, stealth and parkour, the other main aspects of the game. This is specially true in the beginning of the game, when children are more likely to go into senseless killing sprees instead of actually following the complicated story.

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