Is assuming that Kim Kardashian's Kimoji app "broke" the App Store realistic?

  • The Kimoji app has an overwhelming demand and is not user-friendly

    The Kimoji app is facing privacy concers after its release. The program collects information users type into their phones, therefore putting sensitive information such as credit card numbers at risk. The app is in great demand, and users are willing to pay for it. It is not unrealistic to assume that the app broke the App Store. The app itself is experiencing technical issues. User son social media expressed their concern over the app not working.

  • Kimoji App Did Not Break the App Store

    It certainly is not realistic to assume that Kim Kardashian's app broke the app store. The Apple corporation should and certainly does have contingency plans to accommodate for the popularity of apps that may possibly threaten their ability to provide the service to their users. Therefore, it is unfair to blame the app for a discontinuation of access to the app store for Apple users.

  • I don't think so

    I have no doubt that Kim Kardashian's app was incredibly popular, but there's no reason to believe it broke Apple's app store. Apple is an incredibly smart Tech company. The App store gets a huge amount of volume every day. I have a hard time believing that this app could have produced enough traffic to bring down the app store.

  • No, Kim's Kimoji app did not "break" the App Store

    One single app cannot break the app store, and if it could, then the app store needs to be broken so that it can be made better. The creators of the app store need to have popular apps with a lot of downloads to test their own software. An app being popular is a good thing for both the creator and app store. That being said, there have been many apps over the last several years that have been ranked number 1, and have not "broken" the app store, so the likelihood of the Kimoji app doing so is very slim.

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