Is astral projection evidence that human consciousness can exist outside the body? If so can consciousness survive even after the body dies?

Asked by: Propagandist
  • The Hidden Truth

    Here is a wise saying for you all: Honestly who really cares what the whole truth is; you don't even know it, you don't want it. Trust me the only friends of the whole truth are dead so you'll never know it while alive and sane. (Abelardo Cabrera III) 1989-present

  • This is totally true!

    We all have to go somewhere when we die! Maybe the kid that was in Heaven is for real just experienced an astral projection... We can possibly die and then come back, using the ways of an astral projection. Who is with me in this? ~By Quinn L, 6th grader.

  • No evidence of a soul or a spirit world.

    There is no evidence to support the fact that astral projection is possible. Astral projection is nothing more then a hallucination / dream. To believe that it is anything more without evidence would be downright ridiculous. You can look up actual studies about astral projection by actual scientist and you would get the same message about them.

  • There is no evidence astral projection is real

    One cannot say Christianity is true because they heard gods voice in their head. They could be lying, they could've imagined it, hell aliens could've done it.
    Likewise this is not a solid argument, astral projection could be a dream, hallucination, or a simple lie.
    If astral projection could be proven real, that would be another story.

    Posted by: Kald

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