• Yes, at will employment is fair

    At will employ is fair as it works for both sides. For employers they are able to fire a worker as they see fit and for employees they are allowed to quit as they see fit. At will employment allows neither to be locked in at the job so employers can't hold on to somebody who wants to leave and the employee can't keep their job while not producing. Most importantly at will employment is stated at the door so there is no confusion and both parties have the resources to be informed.

  • No employee rights

    If I am able to be fired for any reason, Except discrimination, Guess what? How in the world am I supposed to prove it when the employer can simply make something up, Like saying "He looked at me in a scary way", Or some BS like that? I'm not their only employee but they are, Indeed, My only employer. Hardly fair.

  • Emotions don't belong in the workplace!

    As human beings, We naturally are emotional and bias. The only possible way to not have a skewed vision is if you were a computer or some "all-seeing" god. Every human being has some type of flaw and or distorted view of reality, That's what sets us apart. Naturally, Because of these conditions that we human beings face, It's realistic to assume that "At-Will" can and would be taken advantage of by our employers. We need a system that neutralizes this type of power and that balances the weights. Not to mention, This can actually affect both parties. If an employer fires all the good employees, Then the company as a whole will fall apart.

  • If you don't like the employee, Don't hire them, Period.

    At-will is basically a ticket to sack anyone at any time. "oh, You seem nice, You got the job! " only to say "sorry, You just don't seem like you can handle this. " Why hire then fire me later. That's like me booking a ticket to Japan with my friends knowing that I'm gonna screw them over a few days later.

  • Employers and employees are NOT equals! (reused because it's THAT true)

    I really shouldn't "HAVE" to back up this statement, If somebody were to take a poll with 1000 people, All employees, Not employers (as they would be biased) the statistics would not be much different from the results of this. Few of a low or mid-income bracket are going to want to quit with no notice over two weeks in exchange for guaranteed homelessness. Especially since many businesses only provide unemployment after six months (not three) and fire after three months to prevent employees from receiving unemployment. There has been the argument that training costs would still make this unwise, But most fast food and retail training is non-existent, And thus free. Generally, Over a decade of experience, The most training I got was being thrown at another employee only one week more experienced than myself and told to "figure it out" it's not a fair system, But it's in so much favor of employers nobody will ever truly end the laws. Even to hope to sue over such things is very difficult as affording a lawyer is much easier with all that training income businesses don't spend than it is for the homeless and unlikely to be employed for another year or so low-income employee.

  • Of course its not fair

    INEQUALITY OF BARGAINING POWER. Plain and simple. The employer holds all the power in the work place and the employee holds none. Oh the workers coming up on the date at which we must give them a raise and benefits, Sack them and get a new one. Oh the employee is sick and out of work with a doctors note, Fire them and get a new one. Oh this employee has long hair fire them.

  • No, It is not fair.

    Employment at will is a gateway to abuse of power. And power is always on the side of the employer. In addition, The loss of an employee is a lot less tragic to an employer than is the loss of a job to an employee. The whole deal is meant to convenience the boss, The rich, And the powerful.

  • They know they have the upper hand

    I live in a at will state and my time here hasn't been well fair. In my time in the not so wonderful city of Syracuse NY. I was fired from many places for the dumest reasons. Over cleaning, Working 5 hrs of ot in a month, Smiling too much, Being ambitious, And following orders. Recently I recorded myself complaining to the HR manager about my boss abusive behavior and 2 days later I was fired for the exact reasons I complained about. Played the recording to unemployment when they denied my claim and they yelled at me because I recorded the conversation without notifying them. It makes life harder. Especially if you have a large family like me.

  • At Will Employment is not fair in the slightest.

    How can I chase the american dream if I fear discharge from my job? I need reliable steady income. I rely on my jobs income for every aspect of my life. If i am terminated then all my time invested and raises dissapear. Leaving me at base pay for another employer to start the cycle over again. My employer has a line a mile long to fill my place and continue production. I would gladly sacrifice my ability to quit at any time (loss of last paycheck or some other penalty for me quitting without notice) for job security. You can be fired 1 month before retirment to hire a friend of a friend to replace you.

    Documented proof of reason for termination should be a law.

  • Being let go because you asked a question

    I had a dealing with another employee, and he made me feel uncomfortable, I spoke to the owner and they told me I was being let go because I wasn't a team player. I did NY job as required, and never had any issues. It's not fair you are judged by credit for working for someone more favorable than seeing self employed, you are more at risk working for someone

  • There must be a concrete reason for firing someone. "At will" leaves room for firing someone just because one doesn't like someone.

    This happened to me at Microsoft. My manager didn't like me and I didn't like him. He threatened to fire me and I quit. I took it to the EEOC and the advocated for me as to his bullying. I received unemployment benefits. He was terminated a year later because of continued bad behavior.

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