• In theocratically-influenced countries, atheism is sedition

    Historically and contemporaneously, atheism has been a crime whenever religious dissent is seen as an attack on political elites and/or the rule of law.
    In pre-modern times, Atheism was often viewed as a heresy, and atheists were frequently persecuted or killed. Among those so persecuted were the philosophers Socrates and Anaxagors of ancient Greece, for example. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Etienne Dolet and Guilio Cesare Vanini were both strangled and killed under charges of atheism.
    A 2009 survey showed that atheists are the most hated demographic in Brazil; atheists are under-represented in US Congress (and very few feel free to admit their beliefs), and there are laws in seven US states (including Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi and North Carolina) preventing atheists from holding public office.
    In many Muslim countries, atheists who were former Muslims are guilty of apostasy and can be subject to life imprisonment or death. This is true in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Somalia, UAE, Qatar, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. In some countries, atheism is not recognised as a legal status, and atheists must declare the religion they 'belong' to.
    So yes, atheism is and has been at times, a crime. Whether it should be is of course another matter.

  • I have to go with the facts

    On this one. RuvDraba is right that atheism is illegal in some places, and maybe it was illegal in the past as well, but that does not mean that atheism SHOULD be a crime. In fact, there are dozens of countries that DON'T outlaw atheism. The question at hand is not judicious because we should really be asking "SHOULD atheism be outlawed," which I think would dramatically change our answers.
    I, for one, strongly believe that atheism should NOT be outlawed.

    In summary, the question we are asking is more related to FACT than OPINION, which is why I say yes, atheism IS a crime, even though I believe it shouldn't be.

  • I am a skeptic

    I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven. I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven.

  • Yes it is

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  • Yes it is

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  • Not a crime but..

    Atheism is definitely not a crime. People are free to believe whatever they feel is true. Now because freedom of speech and expression is so lovely and widely practiced, I'm allowed to say you are horribly wrong for not believing but it is defiantly not a crime! Nor should it be.

  • Not a crime

    Atheism is not a crime. I don't understand why it should be a crime at all. Not believing in a set religion doesn't mean people are immoral or bad. Religion is something that each individual should learn about or join in their own pace. Not being in a set religion doesn't necessary make them an awful person.

  • Hell no people and I'm sick of being judged for it.

    Atheism is a philosophy. It isn't a crime. All we want is a little proof on things. That's no crime. Only in the most intolerant nations, is any religion or philosophy that disagrees with the majority a crime. I'm also really sick of being judged and mocked about it. Just because I don't believe in your dictatorship, it doesn't make me less of a person than anyone else. I also have every ability to do every moral action. We aren't monsters. Unless, of course, you try to push your beliefs in society. Then I become a monster.

  • Never a crime

    Atheism is never a crime. People are given the rights to believe in any religion as they like. It is not obligatory to believe in something forcefully. According to experience, many people said that atheist are devil worshipers and that is not the slightest truth about atheism at all.We just don't accept the existence of god. In my opinion, a radical jihad is more appropriate to be addressed as a crime rather than atheism

  • Why would it be illegal?

    Considering Satanic cults are not illegal, why would atheism be illegal? A belief should not (can not?) be illegal, because you cannot arrest someone for thoughts. Actions, yes, but considering atheism is essentially on the same plain with any other religion, despite what they say, it should not. Not unless all religions were to be illegal. (Christian perspective)

  • Off course it's not.....

    There should not even be the question "Should it or shouldn't it"...
    It's an opinion, a non-belief...How on earth in a free society could this be considered?
    Next we will have to have the non belief in fairies, unicorns or any other myth that has no supporting evidence.
    I would support a law the would limit parental education to manners and facts that require no belief that makes people morally myopic and intolerant of others.

  • Unless you live in Egypt

    While atheism actually is a crime in some of the more fundamental nations on Earth, it isn't anywhere in the first world nations.

    That said, this opinion piece seems a little odd. I think that you ought to have asked if atheism should be protected by hate crime legislation. At least that's how the OP reads.

  • Atheism isn't and shouldn't be a crime

    Title 18 of the United States Code makes it a felony to injure, intimidate, or interfere with a person engaging in a list of specifically-protected behaviors like voting because of his or her race, color, religion, or national origin. While atheism is not a religion (or lack thereof), it seems reasonable that attacking someone for not holding your theistic religious beliefs falls under attacking them because of their religion. I am not aware of any legal precedents where a court has clearly affirmed an anti-atheist attack as a hate crime. There was a recent case where it could have come up in Texas (the murder of Jose Ramirez), but it was prosecuted at the state level, the main charge was first degree murder, and Texas hate crime laws do not apply to first degree felonies or class A misdemeanors . In other cases (such as Torcaso v. Watkins) atheism has been explicitly protected under freedom of religion, however.

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Wacky poll.. Is it worth our time?
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Damn, I guess that makes me a wanted criminal. You'll never catch me alive, coppers!