• Atheism is not 'special', just more recent.

    Many religions, notably Buddhism, are not theistic. They are still religions. A religion is, in essence, a set of beliefs as to how the universe was created, and what your place is in existence. Atheism describes its beliefs quite clearly as to how the universe could have been created. All of the atheists that i have met (a lot) seem to have a vague idea as to where they want to be in life. Every religion is based off of the logical thinking of an individual or number of people that conclude that a certain piece of information is universally correct, and so hold a belief based around it. Many new religions are forming even now. Some might not be official, just beliefs held by individuals or small groups, but ultimately they are religions. Atheism fails to acknowledge the omega theory, the new brain experiments proving independence of mind over brain, and the strengthening theories that the universe, and many others, are all living things working on a massive scale. The atheists that i have talked to are still under the impression that everything in the universe simply is, and that the laws of physics just happened to work out. I am a devout and i have a more logical, modern view of the universe. I do not see how atheism could possibly be anything but a religion, logical in some parts and faithful in others. It is not special in any way.

  • We were born to worship.

    This has been proven by atheist scientists as well. We are all worshiping something. Whether it be money, sex, drugs, or a god. You are living for something. Just because you are not praying to money or your spouse, you are living for something. Or you wouldn't be living at all. Your life is pointless. If you say something about suicide and not wanting to live anyway then you are still living and there has to be a reason why.

  • Yes

    It is the "believe" that there is no God. The believe is based on their faith alone. There is no way to prove the God does not exist, and no "scientifically" accepted prove that God does exist. But if you talk to any Satan worshipers they will tell you that demons exist and are good and friendly, but God is dead. And qi gong, yoga, new age spiritualist will tell you that there are no demons and God, but there are "grandmaster spirits" that give them super natural powers by possessing them. An an atheist will tell you that there are no gods, spirits, or demons, everything are just "natural" happenings.

  • Yes.

    The definition of religion is clear: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Atheists believe the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution. These concern the cause of nature and purpose of the universe. When you look at it with a traditional dictionary, you find that atheism falls under the religion category by looking at a simple definition.

  • No choice is still a choice; Atheism and religion are simply different WORLD VIEWS

    The only real opposite of religion is saying 'I don't know to believe' or 'I haven't decided'. Atheism is a commitment to a particular worldview that no higher power exists. Religion is a belief system that not only a higher power exists, but there is an afterlife that can be earned through one's actions. I would argue that Christianity is not even a religion because of our belief that no one can 'earn' salvation, but it is a pure gift of grace through Jesus' death on the cross. God has a word for atheists, he calls them liars, because deep down they know that He exists. Believing in God is never an intellectual issue, but an issue of the heart. Arguably the biggest reason people claim to be atheists (as I once was) is because they themselves want to be God of their own lives. For to admit that there is an all-powerful God means that one must submit to that God, something that assaults our pride and egos as human beings.

  • That it is

    The definition of religion is simply a system of beliefs of which a person lives by. With or without gods, any system of beliefs is a religion. This is why Buddhism is still considered a religion. Since Atheists believe there is not god, that is their religion, since it is still their belief.

  • Atheism is a Religion

    Atheism is the belief that there isn't a god, or the lack of knowledge that god does not exist. If belief is in a sentence, odds are it's talking about a religion. It's ignorant when Christians and Catholics say atheism isn't a religion because they are against it. What you believe, should be YOUR religion.

  • Atheists are not the same as Agnostics.

    A religion is a system of beliefs. Atheism is a belief that there isn't a deity. Agnosticism is NOT a religion because Agnosticism doesn't believe there is, but Atheists believe that there isn't. Two different things. In addition to that, 21st century Atheism is just a form of Reverse Christianity, as they are not often found attacking other religions. With that said, there should be emphasis placed on their attacks to other religions. Agnostics don't do that. Atheists do.

  • The higher power of an Atheist is Nature.

    The earth is an Atheist's creator. What an Atheist does is what he worships. What an Atheist believes is good is the declaration of his morality. There is no experiment which replicated and proved human evolution. Most religions believes in something unprovable. This is greater than what is needed to define a religion. Atheists definitely fall under this category.

  • Of course

    Religions are a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects. With that statement from it is a religion. The may not have the same beliefs as another religion doesn't mean they have no beliefs. I don't see how people can say it isn't a religion.

  • Atheism is NOT a religion

    Atheism is just a set of ideas that people have. Atheists are just people who reject the idea of a god and religion, and that is ok. I mean, would you call someone religious just because they support gay marriage, or (Not saying I do) reject the idea of abortion? A religion can be an idea, yes, but not all ideas can be religions.

  • Atheism is NOT a religion

    Atheism is just a set of ideas that people have. Atheists are just people who reject the idea of a god and religion, and that is ok. I mean, would you call someone religious just because they support gay marriage, or (Not saying I do) reject the idea of abortion? A religion can be an idea, yes, but not all ideas can be religions.

  • Atheism is not a religion

    Despite claims by many that atheism is a religion it is not. Though there are religions that are compatible with atheism many are unaware of the truth. Atheism is not a religion! Atheism is a lack of belief in deities. Atheists are not a religious group. Despite the fact there are secular religions atheism itself is not a philosophy or religion.

  • Athiests warship nothing

    Lack of believe is not a religion. Lack of belief in a God is just that nothing more nothing less. Every thing else in our lives is just like that of a religious person. We eat, we work we sleep, we laugh, we cry and we get angry and we don't blame any of it on a devil or a god.

  • Do people on the yes side even use definitions?!?!?

    Definition of religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

    Please tell me how atheism does any of those things. Atheism is just a lack of belief in gods, nothing more nothing less.

    I suppose next I will be told my lack of belief in unicorns is also a religion.

  • By definition Atheism can not be a religion

    Religion is defined as:
    -the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

    Atheism can not be a religion since Atheism is specifically the lack of belief in a God or Gods. That's it, it's nothing more. It does not mean a moral code of any particular sort, it does not dictate actions, declare dogma, tell people to believe in anything, etc. It's JUST the lack of belief in any God and nothing more. All other beliefs, morals, etc that any Atheist holds are NOT dictated or required by their Atheism.
    Similarly lacking a belief in God is not a faith. Faith is as positive belief in something where as Atheism is merely a disbelief. Disbelief is the default stance for any claim until an individual has sufficient evidence for their standard of evidence. Ie people who do not believe in God do not have faith that there is no God because they are acting solely on the idea that they have not received enough evidence to justify having faith IN a God.

  • Not in the sense everyone uses the word in

    Religion has two general meanings:
    1) Belief in a God or Gods and
    2) Belief in something as taught or discussed.
    In the first sense atheism isn't, in the second sense it is. However, since the only time someone uses "religion" is when you're using the first meaning - no.

  • Of course it is not

    Atheism is a position on one philosophical question--i.E. Whether or not God or gods exist. That is all. There are many philosophies that are atheistic (e.G. Materialism) and there are many atheists who hold various beliefs that are related to their atheism. However, atheism is really just one belief out of many.
    It really is not a religion at all though. Religion is about entering into a relationship with the supernatural. It is about a set of rituals, moral codes, and actions that aid in one's relationship with this supernatural. Atheism isn't about this at all. Its barely a belief system, it isn't about the supernatural, and it has no rituals, nothing sacred, no specific moral code (different atheists have different moral codes that may or may not be related to their atheism) etc.

    Posted by: Dmot
  • Religion requires a belief in morality which expands future than fear of damage to the human mind, which is covered by ethics

    Atheists believe, and also fear that religion might damage the human mind, and happiness. For example, they believe that it is an unnecessary burden for a human being to carry, to believe that a God might disapprove of their actions. They consider that pain to make it unnecessary and undesirable, even wrong for a person to believe in God. They express that they are attached to This Life. And therefore, they claim an Ethical High-Ground. They express that they feel religious people are unskillful people who should confront the responsibilities and needs of this life. Atheists also claim that religious people damage the minds of other people, by claiming that there is a Divine Purpose. Claiming that a group of people damage the minds of other people, doesn't constitute Religious Activity, I don't think, even though it is very empassioned by feeling and sentiments. The feelings and sentiments of an atheist might be quite deep, as they might wish for life to be lived naturally, without additional philosophies being added to life. They might consider that to be living in accordance with the Universe as it exists in the here and now. And to honour the order of nature. Believing in an order of nature, but not believing nature to be inherently sacred or Created, or special to a transcendent being, is not a religious belief. It is just believing in the aesthetics of things and having a preference about how one relates to things. Therefore, it is what is called a Limited Ethic. For example: if someone believes in hard-work because, it makes everyday life more peaceful, and they believe in protecting that, that is a Ethic based on the finite (aka preferences relating to material stuff). If someone believes in hard-work because, they believe that it is Gods Intention that humans are involved in work, that is an Ethic based on a sentiment that an in-finite mind relates to material stuff, and that its good to acknowledge and respect that.

  • Atheism is not a belief system

    Atheism is the lack of belief in a god. That is ONLY thing that atheism constitutes. Atheism does not inherently include any other beliefs. Not all atheists believe in the big bang theory, evolution, or the scientific method.

    Atheism is a religion is the same sense that abstinence is a sex position.

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Ragnar says2013-05-02T18:22:38.167
By the actual word religion no, but I've met some very devote atheists in my time. We've all met those annoying preachy types who know the only truth, and you're wrong even if you agree with them because you haven't been the truth... I'd classify it as a "faith," but not use the word religion.