• Atheism is a religion

    If i were to say that Christianity were not a religion then everyone would be all over my back saying"YES IT IS" or "READ THE BIBLE". Some people say that atheism is no a religion and i would say that they are right. Just like any other religion, atheism is a BELIEF. We just believe that there is no god. We may not have some "sacred text" but what we do have is what we like to call modern science.

  • I am Atheist

    Despite what most people seem to believe, a religion is not defined by following some form of supernatural power. Atheism is the belief that there are no gods, no high powers, no afterlife, etc. According to dictionary.Com, a religion can be defined as something one follows devotedly. We atheists can follow our religion devotedly by not second guessing that there is no god or anything along those lines. And I would say we do have faith. We believe in the science and facts that say there is no other, higher power. Atheists may not gather in large groups to practice, but that does not make it less of a religion.

  • Assertion made without evidence.

    If there is at least one religious belief then you have a religion. The assertion that there are no gods is religious. Why?

    There is no method of obtaining empirical evidence regarding the claim "there are no gods." This has the same issue as claiming that there is at least one god.

  • No, by definition

    Atheism is, by definition, not a religion, and should in no way be treated as such. This does not mean that atheism should be discouraged or condemned, but rather that people should not lump together all opinions on faith as faith themselves - this is counter intuitive and logically incorrect. A core ideal of religion is the idea of something (God, spiritual forces, spirits) that we can't understand controlling events, an idea almost implicitly rejected by atheism.

  • I hate this question

    I dislike this question and am seeing it everywhere and wanted to answer the most popular one to attempt to, politely said, 'close their lips'. As an atheist, I can tell you that atheism is the LACK of religion, therefore, NOT a religion. Y'all need to stop treating it like one.

  • No, it is not.

    In order to be a called religion, something must have a belief in some sort of higher power, force of entity (God) that is above human understanding ad comprehension. Atheism is the belief that no such thing exists and as such cannot be described as a religion of any sort.

  • By definition, it is not.

    Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods;
    a particular system of faith and worship.

    Faith: strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

    Seeing as atheism is the rejection of the concept of gods, it is not a religion. Also, atheists reason there isn't a God through the use of scientific knowledge and proof, so they, by definition, do not have 'faith', which is belief without proof.

  • There's one simple reason!

    There's a very clear reason why atheism is in no way a religion. What reason is that? The fact that someone can be atheist and be part of an actual religion. Let me clarify. I'm sure we've all heard of Buddhism. Buddhism is considered and classified a religion. However, Buddhism has no god! Buddhists do not consider the Buddha a god (except Mahayana Buddhism, but that's very uncommon). They simply consider the Buddha to be the first human to become enlightened, and anybody who also becomes enlightened can reach the same Bodhisattva status. Since atheism is defined as the lack of belief in a god, Buddhists are atheists. Yet, their religion is not atheism, their religion is Buddhism. Simple as that! (Buddhism is just one example, there are several others).

  • If bald is an hair color, then perhaps atheism can become a religion

    Atheism is absence of religious belief. So if you are not having any divine belief, how could you name your opinion as "Religion" ? Atheism is based on materialism, so seeing is believing. Perhaps there is a god, but as far as we know; no god is required to create human beings nor there is no evidence about a creator god or deity in order to keep universe stable. I'm believing in god as much as i believe in unicorns.

  • Not even close.

    Religion requires faith. The belief in the *non evident*. Atheism is a non belief system that does not subscribe to any claims that any gods exist due to lack of any empirical evidence whatsoever.
    Any claims of such knowledge are completely fraudulent. The only arguments you get cover the majority of the spectrum of known logical fallacies.
    Believing to know such knowledge is to live in a delusion.

  • No dogma, no rites, no religion

    Atheism, as I understand it, is a view point that does not include gods. It does not have a governing body, services, rites or specified beliefs. Religions exist for more reasons than the worship of gods. They exist largely because they provide for social cohesion and general control of social behaviour. Atheism does none of these things. It is only a philosophical view and one that tends to preclude the practices normally associated with religions.

  • How could it be?

    Atheism is my religion. Not collecting stamps is my hobby. Not smoking is my habit. Does that make sense to you? No, because atheism is not a religion. If it were a religion, then I do have a hobby involving stamps, coins, etc. I also have a habit involving drinking, smoking, etc.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Atheism is a religion just like not collecting stamps is a hobby

    Religion is a belief in the supernatural, atheism is the exact opposite. No atheist believes in any form of religion, and as such should not be grouped with religious people. Also, would would someone who doesn't play soccer still be.Called a soccer player? If not believing in something is a religion, then we must all be part of every religion imanigable.

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