• In some cases yes ... As a claim ... No

    There is nothing wrong with the conclusion of atheism. We must, however, acknowledge that there is a diversity of thought within atheism and there are some branches that are evil. Satanism, for example, particularly traditional Satanism, is often publicly claimed to be atheist - even though, technically, in that instance its more akin to self worship. Other branches, like spiritual Satanism, honestly believe that they are doing Lucifer's work and seek to ingratiate themselves into atheist organization to undermine religious views.

    In a sense, these aspects can be called 'evil'. The more destructively anti-religious aspects of atheism probably have more bearing in nihilism than in atheism.

    Undermining religion may not be evil ... Undermining religion for the sake of the devil and his values? Yeah, that would be evil.

  • It may be wrong, but it's not evil.

    To not believe in God is a belief, but it's their belief. It's not evil just to think what you believe. It's not evil to follow or not to follow a religion. It's not evil to practice what you think is right. It's not evil to believe something that others do not. It's not evil, and it's not a philosophy. I'm a Christian and I don't think this is evil one bit.

  • Depends on which context we chose, Atheism as a stance or atheism as a belief

    Evil is a strong word so the term must be qualified. Atheism as a belief is simply a reluctance toward believing in deities, a natural response as Spedman had said. Atheism as a stance, considered by the supreme court as a religion itself(religion of no god, logic based), positions itself in opposition to religion rather that being juxtaposed as religions(which also find themselves guilty of a similar fallacy) ought to be. What disturbs me are the huge amounts of resources that are poured into hateful billboards and advertising alike that do nothing but discourage people, some of whom already faced severe discouragement in life. This is the only "religion" I know of founded to oppose another, excluding religions and contextual exemptions unbeknownst to me, most religions are juxtaposed. Non-believers please do not be offended by anything I have said and understand my sadness in the matter. I myself am not religious.

  • If you think about it.

    It is said in the Bible that there will be many false profits who will deceive many. Now you may say that atheists are not false profits, but atheists have led many astray from the path. The Bible does not directly say this is evil, but Lucifer's main goal is to turn people away from Christ and he is considered evil. So if God uses the same checklist to label Satan as evil then I guess Atheists are evil too.

  • It may be wrong, but it's not evil.

    To not believe in God is a belief, but it's their belief. It's not evil just to think what you believe. It's not evil to follow or not to follow a religion. It's not evil to practice what you think is right. It's not evil to believe something that others do not. It's not evil, and it's not a philosophy. I'm a Christian and I don't think this is evil one bit.

  • Not A Philosophy And Not Evil

    I am a Christian, but I do not think atheism is evil because it is a reasonable belief. It is very hard for some people to determine if their is a God or not. I am not judging anyone by that statement, but I think it is understandable if someone is atheist.

  • Atheism is not evil

    To not believe in God in itself is not evil, it's just someone's personal belief. Atheists are generally mistrusted because a majority of the planet's population believes in a divine power, one way or another. Not believing in God does not make you evil, it makes you distinct; you have your own individual belief, not what the majority believes.

  • What is evil?

    This opinion is dumb for the simple fact that it assumes that everyone knows what evil is and agrees it is the same thing. Evil is clearly dependent on you upbringing and other factors. For example a city dweller may think its evil to hunt and kill Bambi, but fact is deer meat tastes good and if you don't live near a mini mart it may be your only food source. In the second example survival equals evil, so when city dweller buys a doughnut its evil.

  • Atheism isn't a philosophy

    Atheism is the rejection of the claim that a god exists. It is a statement on a single proposition. So no, it isn't an evil philosophy, as it isn't a philosophy.

    As an atheist, I don't even say that I definitively know that there is no god. I simply say that, with the lack of evidence at play, I have not seen enough to convince me that god DOES exist. I am not against the idea of some form of god existing, I am open to new evidence on the matter, but I remain skeptical.

    Particularly considering all of the gods that we don't believe in these days. I just take it one god further, I guess.

  • Do you know what the definition of an Atheist is?

    (noun) A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

    That isn't evil, it's just a person who thinks there isn't sufficient evidence for God. A person can be an Atheist and be the kindest person in the world. Your belief or lack of in the magic man in the sky doesn't effect if you are a good person or not.
    Also if you think that evolution is evil (even though it isn't) it is not connected to Atheism. A person can be an atheist and not believe in evolution. The two are not directly connected.

  • Atheism promotes unreasoning hatred and potentially fatal worship of science.

    The reasons Atheism could be evil have to do with the promotion of scientific racism, as well as unreasoning anger towards people of differing beliefs, the creation of a society that meets to discuss various ways to hurt people with said beliefs, and is very closed mouthed about what it intends to offer in place of those beliefs.

    All Atheist arguments use science to back them up and give them credibility as something other than racism. Their main scientist of focus is Darwin, and Darwinism can be shown to be a root cause of events in history that are among those most universally accepted as evil.

    Atheism offers survival of the fittest to the more small minded and hateful followers of the Atheist community as a means of justifying reprehensible behavior against anyone of religious believe, and even onto anyone of any type of fanciful thought who might question the Atheist position.

    Whatever Atheism might have been in the past, it is evolving into a hate group - one that is able to be respected where other hate groups with not be. It's leaders are of questionable character. Particularly Richard Dawkins who has recently expressed ideas that hint at eugenics.

    If Atheism is evolving into something akin to a religion or a cult of science that stands to devalue things like compassion and free thought, that would meet my criteria for evil, or at least seriously dangerous.

    I have no doubt from what I've observed on the net that those who speak for Atheism have the mentality of storm troopers. They are fueled with anger instilled by the leaders of their movement and charged with the destruction of all that opposes their beliefs.

    History shows that the ideas of science, interpreted to the designs of fanatical organizations, leads to evil. Therefore, the non-belief in God is not evil, as that is a product of free thought. But Atheism as a social or political distinction is evil, because there is much more to it than simply not believing in God, and it is relative to historical trends that have abused science as a means to evil ends.

  • Does it matter?

    What in the WORLD would make you think that atheism is evil? Evil as in life of crime, evil as in sinister, help me out here! Does believing that there is no deity make a man evil, or is it simply evil to do it? I rarely let anyone know I'm atheist, and if I do they don't jump out of their seat and scream "SATAN!" They DON'T CARE. And frankly, neither should you.

  • I don't really understand the question, but...

    Well, it first depends on your definition of evil. I think everybody has good and bad in them, but I don't believe in a literal sense of 'evil', because even people who are considered 'evil' are good. Anyway, in a sense of is atheism evil, of course it isn't - a person isn't defined by their beliefs, as said in the TV series Derek, 'there are people that believe in god that are good and that are bad, and there are people that don't believe in god that are good and that are bad, so I don't think it matters if you believe or not, just be good"

  • An Atheistic Philosophy is nothing more then lack of belief towards a particular deity

    Not believing in deities doesn't contribute to any type of "evil acts" and I would argue that not believing in deities offers it's own benefits to better choices in life.

    However lots can be said for the opposite side of the argument because believing in deities has been known to cause violence leading to evil acts.

    When you end up with the understanding that you can't prove a god exists, you then understand that you wont take the claim of a deity from any religion on the basis of faith. With this understanding you come to the conclusion that this may be the only life you will ever know, everything that made who you are will deteriorate and end up just another part of the universe. It's safe to say that you want to make this life the best it can be and that in itself is basically one of the biggest things that comes from atheism.

    How is that Evil?

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