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  • They are very much different

    Paganism is the worship of Idols (thereby declaring that a statue that they made is their "god"). Whereas Atheism is the believe that there is not god at all and that we were all made by accident. Pagans believe that the statues are their god while Atheists believe there is no god.

  • Nope. Not at all.

    Pagans generally believe that nature is their God. It is also not uncommon for them to believe there are multiple Gods and Goddesses. Which directly contradicts Atheism, Since it is standard for them to not believe in any type of god, Deity, Or creator. Don't really see how they could possibly be the same.

  • No, Well not mostly.

    One is not believing in the existence of a higher power, While the other is believing in the "non main stream" religions, Especially worship of nature. Although, There is probably a number of people, That "believe" for the hell of it, Similair to most Satan worshippers, Although, I would count those as atheists.

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