• If A God Existed: Atheism Would Be It's Own Fault, Not The Fault Of The Atheists!

    If a God did give people Free Will, then it has allowed them to disbelieve in God, thus disbelief is God's fault for allowing disbelief.
    If God wanted belief from those it gave "Free Will", God should give evidence that he/she/it exists, otherwise it is also God's fault that people disbelieve on the basis of no evidence for God. Because God did not give any evidence of itself.
    Essentially if a God does exist, Atheism or non-belief in God is all God's fault in the first place.
    Because God Made The Following Mistakes That Created Atheism.
    1: Allowing humans "Free Will" to Disbelieve.
    2: Not providing any evidence of itself to let those, highly intelligent, rational humans with "Free Will To Disbelieve" know that it exists.
    Simple isn't it.
    Atheism is thus, definitely, God's own Fault!
    Thus it cannot be a Sin to be an Atheist, because only God is to Blame for their Disbelief!

  • Apparently, God is omnipotent and Omniscient...

    And furthermore, almost invariably is attributed as being the direct creator of reality itself. The mere notion that something could possibly exist that he is not responsible for is simply anathema to this conception of God.

    This being, that is attributed as both Omnipotent and Omniscient, and therefore capable of perfectly foreseeing the exact path reality and everything in it will take 'before' (this varies, somehow) it even begins to occur, and is also capable of changing anything in this reality to suit it's whim, and that is also attributed as having created reality, and thus everything in it, could not possibly have not foreseen, and been capable of preventing or stopping if it wanted to, the idea and reality of atheism. This also goes for murder, rape, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wild animals killing people, children starving to death in Africa, people profiting off of the suffering and misery of others, freak meteor strikes that kill people, etc.

    An omnipotent, omniscient God who is also attributed as having created the universe, and is thus effectively directly responsible for everything that occurs and exists in reality, could not possibly be said to *not* be responsible for all of these things. The very idea is simply ridiculous and completely at odds with the definition of God that is being put forth.

  • Atheism is not a bad thing. And how can God do wrong?

    It's nobody's "fault" to make a decision based on free will.
    And besides: if you believe in God, then he cannot be at FAULT with anything. You just haven't understood his wisdom yet.
    So it is absolutely impossible for God to be at fault for this.
    If God exists, he created atheists or the option to be one for a reason.
    If he doesn't exist, he cannot be at fault at all.
    So, either way: No.

  • How...Can it be?

    This is such a silly question. If atheists don't believe in God, then how can it be God's fault that there's atheism?

    On top of that, because I'm a Christian and believe in God, I know him to be real. That's my choice. That's my belief. If you don't believe in him, that's your choice/belief. It's not God's fault you choose not believe in him.

  • God gave Will to Man to choose anything

    When the serpent entered the Garden it was Adam who messed it up because he wanted to be God but no one can be God. Also Humans aren't a mistake because God created us and said that we very good!! Only because Adam ate the apple that sin entered the world including Atheism. So it is not God's fault but it is because of Adam's decision.

  • How can we blame God if he seemingly doesn't exist

    One can not blame a problem on something they do not believe in. It is almost as though you are saying: does bigfoot think he exists. This here is circular reasoning. It leads us round and round in circles. When we are presumptive of things, they become unclear. God gave us free will to make our own decisions. Whether or not they are the right ones is a different matter

  • Atheism is not the fault of any dieties or the individual persons.

    There are plenty of spiritual resources one can turn to in order for them to disprove their atheism be it LHP or RHP but they must take everything with a grain of salt. There are even nonreligious resources one can turn to to help them deconvert from a false religion if they find out that their beliefs are nothing but false concepts made to keep them in fear and control so they never really succeed in any part of their personal lives. There is more then one diety one can go to receive some spiritual help .

  • No, of course not!

    Whoever decided to become an atheist did it out of his own free will. And how could it be God's fault if they don't even believe in him? It was man who brought sin upon himself in the Garden of Eden. God is not responsible for any of the madness in our world today.

  • Maybe he was incompetent?

    I wish I could give this a neutral vote, because I have points for both answers (as an atheist myself). The rest of reasons will be made with the assumption that God exists.

    Atheism is the rejection, or lack of belief in the existence of God. There are a number of reasons one may reject God's existence of which I'll list a few which would be his fault

    1.) Wanted to Sin (is God's fault he made Sins the things man wanted)
    2.) Found God an obnoxious character
    3.) Found the world a contradictory place to what he testified in scripture (Earth/universe is much too young, we are conclusively related to the rest of the animal kingdom, no sign of a recent global flood)
    4.) He was enormously inept at creating us. He built the eye back-to-front, leaves us with mechanisms in our cells to cause cancer, made the birth canal go through the pelvis bone such that a good fraction of women will inevitably die in childbirth and let's not start with the oesophagus..
    5.) He gave us free will

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Sagey says2014-02-11T11:46:12.747
Some think I'm Anti-Theist.
Though they are not quite right.
I appreciate Religions groups that are trying to be Intellectually honest about their belief.
I hold the Dalai Lama in high respect because he is trying to be intellectually honest about his Buddhism.
One such Christian group is "The New Covenant Group".
I'm a massive fan of Dr. Michael Jones.
A Christian who strives to be intellectually honest about his Christianity.
It's a pity that such intellectual honesty is rare in Christians.
Here's a "New Covenant Group" video with PZ Myers as a guest speaker on the Resurrection.
Dr. Michael Jones is a very open minded Christian.
This is also rare!
TrustmeImlying says2014-02-11T16:36:56.400
Wow, this is an extremely loaded question, I assume this is sort of a hypothetical?
Sagey says2014-02-11T22:19:06.957
Yes Trustme, It was a Hypothetical that suppose that God actually existed and the world is turning towards Atheism in the same way that it currently appears to be. Atheism is growing world-wide. So if this is so, then what has the God done wrong to create this situation.
I'm just applying basic reason to the growth of Atheism in a world that actually has a God.

Though both you and I know, that the existence of God is an impossibility.
So it has to be a Hypothetical.
TrustmeImlying says2014-02-11T22:47:34.863
Very interesting. This might not be the forum to discuss this, but you seem very forward with your opinions on these matters. If I might ask, what is the purpose of these? Is it simply to inspire debate and conversation or is it to try and bring awareness and maybe change some minds?
Sagey says2014-02-16T14:15:56.010
My entire purpose here is to generate different modes of Thinking.
Nothing else.
If it gets people to make rational, critical investigations into the topics I select, it has done it's job.
Though I'm still too often presented by the same tired old excuses for not investigating the topics rationally.
They throw up the lines that demonstrate their sheer Ignorance like "The Mind Of God is unfathomable and thus we have No Right To Question God."
As soon as I receive such responses, I cannot help but consider those that give that response as Irrational Idiots, incapable of Rational Thought, since they are deliberately making an excuse to avoid Thinking Rationally.
Avoid thinking rationally enough and like any part of their neurological system, they become incapable of Rational Thought.
It's like any part of our system, it must be exercised regularly to stay functional.
Sagey says2014-02-16T14:29:23.090
BTW: Trustme: So far there are 3 posters here who seem to have serious trouble trying to think Rationally.
Those ones on the right who I haven't given the thumbs up to are the ones I mean.
Though there can also be those on the Left who make their choice Irrationally, I cannot really judge by Yes or No choices alone, since there are Rational reasons to choose "Yes" and there are also Rational reasons for choosing "No".
Those I've given a "Like" to are demonstrating some degree of Rationality, those without a "Like" from moi, have definitely not practiced Rational Thinking for a very long time and it shows.
Maybe they have become incapable of Rational Thought?????
TrustmeImlying says2014-02-16T23:05:23.407
I ask because although you're rightfully straightforward, I've noticed that sometimes you can be pretty aggressive in your statements. If you were trying to change anyone's mind, that might work against you. People put their defenses up and dig their ditches deeper if they suspect you're attacking them. Don't get me wrong, I get the frustration of arguing against the same exact things over and over:

Young Earth (ugh...)
The first cause argument
The shifting burden of proof
The transcendental argument
Arguments of/from coercion, ignorance, authority, probability, and design
Pascals Wager
Arguments of morality
"You're taking it out of context/too literally"
"You're being close-minded
And my personal favorites
"Why do you love spreading hate/lies/anger"
"Why do you hate me/God/peace"

Of course, you do whatever works, but I invite you to try and have a softer touch. It might just change someones mind.

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure we'll bump into each other very soon! See ya later, man.

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