• As good as any religion, better than most.

    So many religious wars, the crusades, extremists.... So many bad things spawn from religion. Even though I'm Christian, I can't pretend Christianity hasn't had it's fair share of bad things. People can twist the bible to suit themselves, of course as mentioned earlier the crusades, and Hitler was in fact a devout Christian. So Christianity is certainly not without it's faults, as every religion has it's faults. Atheism also has it's faults, but it can safely say that it has done less terrible deeds for their belief in atheism than pretty much any religion ever.

  • Neither good nor bad

    Atheism simply "is". Like religion, whether it's good or bad depends on how it's being applied. Organized religion has been guilty of many great atrocities (see ISIS) but has often produced great good. Atheism, since it's not an organized movement but, rather a title for the non belief in a god, has never committed any great evil although people who are atheists have done both good and bad. For whatever it's worth, western European nations who, although having state sponsored religions, are moving away from religious belief, seem to have much more peaceful societies than nations with higher levels of belief.

  • Support of science, progress, human rights.

    Religion has caused wars and intolerance. It has made people have a imaginary friend. Religous beleivers are homophobic and hypocritical. The church always wants money and is tax exempt.
    Religion is a form of control. Actually reading the bible cover to cover shows how brutal and mean the beliefs are. It is outdated also.

  • Atheism is not a religion, and it is not a political movement.

    There are no comparable atrocities to the many religious wars of the past. Do not confuse the ways of USSR, China, Korea and the French Revolution as an attack in the name of atheism ... They are/were a political way of life. The current fear is of a "holy" war between the US and ISIS ... But NOT in my name.

    Atheism is living in reality, being pragmatic in the here and now. Faith is what is left when reason fails.

    People who harbour strong convictions without evidence belong at the margins of our societies, not in our halls of power.

    The world's religions were invented by men and women without access to 21st century education.

    Pretending to know things one doesn’t know is a profound liability in science. And yet it is the life-blood of faith-based religion.

  • Is reality good?

    Which is a better option, basing your life on fiction or reality? Our collective moral compass is being retarded by religion. We have serious moral issues to contend with but, belief in fiction distorts your view and leads to bad policy. Living in a delusion can definitely affect your decisions.

    Posted by: asix
  • Athiesm has killed as many people as religion.

    USSR, China, North Korea, Vietnam, the French Revolution. Atheism kills indiscriminately and without regard. Because of the moral restraint brought about by religion not even a Muslim can bring himself to perpetrate the level of evil an atheist could. Atheism will be the downfall of human society where as the great religions of the world created great civilizations of the world

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