• Atheism is false

    Here, I'm not saying that atheism is immoral or atheists are bad people but atheism itself (rejection of God's existence) is wrong as in factually incorrect. Something that is wrong cannot be considered as good because truth is an inherent quality of good. Therefore, Atheism can be considered bad because it is false.

  • Atheism simply says what people don't believe in, Not what people do.

    Atheism is simply defined as "not believing in a god or gods". Notice how this says nothing about worldview. Notice how this says nothing about the kind of person who simply doesn't believe in a god or gods. Atheists come in many shapes, Sizes, And flavors. In fact, Since the term includes any and all who don't believe in a god or gods, Atheism encompasses a very wide range of people and beliefs.
    Saying that "Atheism is inherently bad" is like saying "Not playing football is inherently bad". Again, Notice how the group of all people who don't play football is very very wide, Since it involves only one encompassing criterion. Sure, Some people who don't play football do bad things, And it is the same for atheists. Some atheists do bad things. Neither of these facts makes either atheism or the state of not playing football "inherently bad".

  • A Lack of Belief is Not Inherently Bad

    Our actions are motivated by what we believe, Not what we don't believe. No one is going to commit homicide because they don't believe there is a god. (Atheists can still be murderers, But you can't show me one example of a person who murdered because they didn't believe in a god. ) Many atheists are good people, As are many Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindis, Buddhists, Etc. That's just a product of the fact that most people have a conscience and are good at heart.

  • Freedom of Religion, Remember?

    And that includes no religion at all. It's their choice to believe in what they want. Nothing about that is bad, Unless the atheist is a bad criminal. And even then, That doesn't apply to all atheists. And because of the founding fathers giving us Americans freedom of religion, They can believe whatever they want to

  • It's their opinion.

    That's all there is to it. It's their opinion. We all have free will, Freedom of choice, And freedom of speech. So it's their choice to be atheists. I'm an atheist myself. No big deal. People get so weird about it. It's like, No different from being religious. Just another viewpoint. Perfectly fine.

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