• Atheism presupposes a naturalistic worldview

    Simply put, atheism does not allow the consideration of concepts that can't be explained through a naturalistic worldview. The presupposition demands that all things be reduced down to either logical reasoning or empirical science. This means that atheism will not even entertain truth claims that can't be grounded in reasoning or studied under a microscope. This is a very narrow and arbitrary criteria for discovering all truths in existence. This is also an a priori assumption about truth. Since science itself can't be verified as true with neither logic nor the scientific method it fails its own test of veracity, and it does this to the exclusion of any other possible epistemology. Atheism by necessity will not tolerate truth discovery that doesn't fit into the naturalistic presupposition. This severely limits and is intolerant of truth discovery efforts of reality.

  • Atheism is not intolerant, but some atheists are.

    I do not have a problem with atheism, but it is irrefutable that Jesus of Nazareth exists. The question of whether you want to be believe he was who he claims - The Son of God - is the question. Most of the bible prophecies have come true. Jesus, if he is who he says, proves it most strongly.
    Genesis, the creation of the Earth, is simply a metaphor for God. Adam and Eve were not the only people on Earth, but the only ones made in God's image. Leviticus is a passage written in Islamic context by Moses to ensure order and survival in their small society.
    God is not a man, much least a magical man. He is not in the sky, awaiting you by the pearly gates. God is unfathomable. He exists to a plane beyond our understanding.
    Countless other examples. The bible is thousands of years old, and people take the words of others rather than a personal investigation into the evidence themselves.
    It comes down to whether you believe the evidence proves God is real. It is a yes or no answer, and no-one should judge anyone on it. But everyone should be knowledgeable, if not educated on what religion actually is so that they can form their own opinion.
    This debate really has little meaning. The belief is whether or not God does or does not exist, and either way, one group has always been wrong and no-one's opinion can confirm the existence or absence of God.

  • Atheism is not intolerant, it is realistic

    Atheism is not intolerant, it is simply a belief just like being Christian and believing in God is a belief. Atheism is anything but intolerant, atheists are open to all the possibilities and have nothing against anyone who is religious. I myself, being an atheist, have nothing against somebody who, for example, is Catholic and believes in God. I think that people should be entitled to freely believe in what they want whether it be something I personally don't believe in should not matter. Atheism is not believing in any God, and that is not intolerant, because there is no scientific proof that God exists and it is impossible for a greater being to exist under the laws of science. Science is forever changing and updating and discovers things for the better or worse but does not stick to things just because it is tradition; unlike religion. I will never, and have never, believed that a greater being has made this world and all of us in his 'image and likeness' because I just believe it is impossible and simply cannot be true. That does not mean to say I am intolerant, I am realistic. However, if someone wants to believe that God created us all and watches over us, then that is fine, no matter how naive I think it is, people are entitled to their own beliefs.

  • It's a PERSON!

    It's a person who's intolerant! Being an Atheist doesn't MAKE you intolerant, it'd depends on the person! There's a lot of intolerant religious people out there (to Atheism and/or other religions) but I'm not going to say a certain religion is intolerant. If this was about Antitheism, it would be different. Atheism IS NOT against religion, but Anti-theism IS.

  • Stupid quote alert!

    Let's say I'm an accident. My parents didn't mean to have me and my dads condem broke one night resulting in the existence of me. Then I am an accident as my parents have told me time and time again. According to Francis Thompson, I am an atheist so sorry buddy but your quote has gone the wrong way as that is not the definition of atheist.

  • Stupid quote alert!

    If my parents condem unexpectedly burst and caused my accidental birth. Me believing that happened doesn't make me an atheist. If you look at it that way we are all atheists some how as one of your ancestors somewhere along the line must have had an unintentional pregnancy. Stupid Quote!

  • Stupid quote alert!

    If my parents condem unexpectedly burst and caused my accidental birth. Me believing that happened doesn't make me an atheist. If you look at it that way we are all atheists some how as one of your ancestors somewhere along the line must have had an unintentional pregnancy. Stupid Quote!

  • Atheism, in and of itself, is not intrinsically intolerant

    Atheism is a belief, or more accurately absence of a specific belief, and thus can not be "intolerant". It is a description of a specific selection of thoughts. There are intolerant atheists, just as there are intolerant Christians, intolerant democrats, intolerant republicans, etc... But any objective examination will reveal what anyone could easily see: intolerant people ascribe to all kinds of different beliefs.

  • Only if you believe disagreeing with an idea is intolerant

    I would say that there are intolerant atheists. But then, there are intolerant theists. There are intolerant people.

    The reality is, religion preaches a lot of intolerant things. More than that, it preaches ignorance and superstition. Is it wrong to not put any stock in that...?

    I dunno... Is being against bad ideas intolerant? If so, then maybe I am. I don't judge people based on this. I judge ideas. The people, it depends on what they do, how they exercise their religion.

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SegBeg says2016-07-11T12:32:12.170
It all depends on the individual really. There are tons of atheists who are more than tolerant of religious people and there are others that are extremely INtolerant. You can't shove all atheists in a box. An atheist's tolerance is based on their heart, not their belief.