Is Atheism Just Cynicism on a Religious Level?

Asked by: Epicerdanu
  • Atheism is a belief system, just like the religions it condemns.

    In fact, condemnation of religions is part of the Atheist belief system. Atheist also perpetrate many of the same behaviours they belittle religious people for.

    They even go out of their way to tell other's (religious people) how to live. Atheist in Canada recently stopped a city council from having prayers before council meeting by taking the city council to court and winning.

    Taking people to court to make them change the way they do things is telling them how to live.

    When it comes to human behaviour, Atheists are subject to the same group mentality as religious people: like minded people coming together to support a central idea, or cause.

    The cause is therefore bigger than the individual. It adds meaning to the individual's existence and perhaps increases his self-worth. It also offers a sense of belonging.

    All these things are human spiritual behaviours. Religious people satisfy all these spiritual needs in the context of their religions. Atheist don't realize they're acting spiritual and filling the same needs.

    Believing in the existence of God or not doesn't negate the human need for spiritual expression, because it's our spiritual side that sets aside from the rest of creation.

  • Atheist quit fooling yourselves!

    To say atheism is just "a lack of belief" is just a negative assertion. The positive would be that atheist do not believe in the supernatural. As much as you would like to dodge and redefine terms you still fall under the category of religious because you share the same principals.

  • In modern terms, yes:

    People rarely understand half the stuff they say and this is no different. Atheism for instance isn't the opposite of religion, it's the opposite of theism, but people have equated theism to religion and the word "irreligious" has been lost in the vernacular altogether. I miss it so, but that is beyond the point: In essence a man is a fool who thinks that the social sense of this word is not (mis)used to construe exactly cynicism and dissent behind a veil.

    Who would think that Atheism would also eventually become a scapegoat for blatantly hating popularized religions? Surprises everywhere.

  • Um no... It's not

    Atheism is a lack of belief in a god
    Theism is a belief in a god
    Gnostic is a claim to know something
    Agnostic is a claim not to know something
    Theism is based on faith
    Atheism is no faith
    Gnostic is based on knowing something
    Agnostic is not knowing something

    It's as SIMPLE as that.
    You can make atheism or people who do not follow what you think, believe or know as someone who is an abomination. 1John 2:22 "And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not Christ. Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist."

    If I use scripture like this you will get a bad understanding of people. But that is also a claim that if you don't make Jesus as your personal lord and saviour, you're a bad person. I suppose budda and Ghandi were bad people too hey... I suppose that makes all those peaceful muslims and all those nice people in PNG that have never heard of jesus before just awful sinful heathens.

    I know some Christians are not fundamental, legalistic or literal. Some are liberalistic, modernistic and moderate Christians who are about love and peace and grace, and mercy.

    But they are not the ones at question here.

  • No. (Extra words)

    Atheism is the rejection of theistic claims and nothing more. Some atheists might have other opinions but that does not mean that this is what the belief means/is.

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  • Atheism Is Just A Lack Of Belief

    Everyone who has ever been born was born without believing in anything, but we don't call babies atheists because they haven't really decided not to believe in any religion. Yet at the same time your average religious family will claim, "Yes, all our children are fine Hindus, or Catholics, or Muslims, or Rastas, etc." It is this sort of behavior that tends to lead people who decide to be non religious to see the religious in a sort of cynical manner but in the same way any religious person is cynical of a family who doesn't worship their deity. Now in any question of who is right or wrong, a person with an opinion on the matter thinks they are justified and that those who think differently are, at least comparatively, less justified. So just because Atheists don't agree with someone, it is exactly the same as when a religious person doesn't believe in any religion other than their own. There is nothing inherently cynical to either side and it is derogatory to think so.

  • It's all personal

    Being an Atheist has nothing to do with being cynical. It is a lack of belief in God, which is a personal choice, just like believing in God is a personal choice. A person can believe in peace and mercy without believing in God or belonging to a religious group.

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steffon66 says2015-06-03T19:30:44.880
Im kinda like an agnostic as i dont know if there is a god but im like an atheist also because i dont believe in god and highly doubt there is one. People say all this couldnt have come from nothing. I agree but who says the universe has a beginning. Some scientists say nothing might be an impossibility. But i dont know. I cant prove that the next universe is chocolate but i highly doubt that it is. Lol and thats kind of like believing in god for me. I dont because its ridiculously implausible. A perfect in every way god who came from nothing (randomness) but all this cruel unfair in every way flawed life we live couldnt have come from nothing? Thats ridiculous. Perfection doesnt come from nothing. Flawed things come from randomness. Christians can never answer the question who made god logically. Also they are religious. So id rather live with atheists and agnostics who arent because most christians and other religious people have made life hell for everyone around them and themselves with their flawed moralities and belief that they know right from wrong already which slows moral progress tremendously.