• Atheism is the

    Irrational fundie belief that nothing exploded from nothing because nothing happened, and that nothing then became self-replicating things which randomly became self-reflective intelligent life-forms. Atheism is the belief that if you can't observe something it is non-existant, so love beauty truth and logic are all dead. Naturally many atheists, like Nietsche, eventually realize this and go insane, then kill themselves. I shall pray for them.

  • A irrational response to religion

    Atheism has been effective in forcing people of faith to think about their profession. This has been necessary considering that people of faith need to critically look at the articles of their faith. However atheists have equally been irrational in their condemnation of religion.

    Atheists have been guilty of the following:

    - Demonstrating hatred toward people of faith, thereby guilty of the same hate they often attribute to religious people.
    - Misrepresenting religion (straw man)
    - Denying history (saying that Jesus didn't exist)
    - Presenting incredible alternatives to the origin of the universe and life on earth

  • Of course it is!

    Atheists believe there is no higher entity, but without such an entity, how on earth did we get here? Oh sure, go ahead and tell me all about evolution, the "Theory Full of Holes". Evolution doesn't explain where came from, it tells us we all evolved from a single cell organism. It never says where that organism came from. And we can also assume (safely) that the Big Bang theory didn't happen because, as is shown by everything logical, explosions cause chaos and a mess, never order and alignment. So, we must conclude that our existence came from a designer, a creator, a builder. Someone designed the universe the way it is so that nothing would be out of place.
    Now, atheists say that there is no such person. Therefore, they have no solid explanation as to where we came from and why we are here, the only beings on the planet with souls, consciences, morals, truly sentient minds, and (dare I say it) spirits. Atheism has no true basis, it is a religion for people who don't wish to believe they are not fully in control of their lives. But atheism also leaves people without a purpose in life. If there is no God, no higher entity who created us for a reason, is we just evolved by chance from a single cell common ancestor, then what reason is there for humans to continue existing? Where do emotions, something common only to humans, come from, if we were not made in the image of God, who is widely known as being love? If atheists are right, I want an explanation for emotion, for souls, for morals, for ethics, for rights, and for spiritual encounters.

  • History proves Christianity

    To help prove that Christianity is true. Is history like jesus was real and was crucify on the cross. Then Paul how killed Christian saw Jesus and was blinded. Ananias Cured his blindness. Second point is that Jesus tomb was empty, and one might say the body was stoled by jews leaders. If that was the case then why didn't they say "look here we have Jesus body"; when the apostles said Jesus came back. Then it also said that hundreds of peaple saw Jesus. The apostles that died in roman empire and paul; why choose to died when all you pretty much have to do is repent. They didn't repent they know that they saw Jesus came back .Those are my point but i cannot say it was 100% fact because you cannot know anything by a 100%.

  • Just look to the right and read the responses.

    Ok, do you know what atheism is? Its NOT A FAITH? The answer would be a round yes for religious people of the former, and a blank stare of incredulity for atheists on the later - do YOU even know what faith is? So unless atheists have magically produced a God test that finally (And whew, a thousands of years old debate was getting tiresome) disproves God ... Guess what that means? Right, atheism rest on an element of faith.

    Only they don't see it that way ya see? You just don;t get what atheism is ya see?

    We see, and that is why we think its illogical. But you guys stick to your illusions of logic, and we'll stick to our illusions of God ... Which we can at least acknowledge requires faith - a far smaller amount than it takes to call the arguments to my right 'logical'.

  • Atheism isn't illogical!

    In fact, out of all the religions atheism makes the most sense. Not only is it backed by the world's most reliable resource, science (science can not prove there is a deity), it is one of the most nfluential an fast growing belief in the world. Dismissing atheism as illogical is like dismissing the united nations as useless.

  • Ok...? Do you even know what an atheist is?

    You are too simple minded to know i am guessing, but atheists are just people who don't believe in god. Faith is the believe in something with lack of, less, or no proof. I am not saying god is not real, in fact i am not an atheist, but technically atheism might not be the most illogical but instead the most logical. There is very little to no proof of god, however space is infinite there are infinite things that happen therefor everything exists, so there are so many universes in the infinite space that there will even be ones that contradict themselves by being infinitely small instead of big and infinitely not infinte. So god probably does exist, whther he be advanced aliens that helped, whether he never came here yet. Whether he might ever will. It is a huge insult to people who are not even a faith

  • Atheism isn't a faith system to begin with.

    In the context of religion, the definition of faith according to Google is "strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof."
    Already Atheism doesn't fit this definition.

    But hey, for argument's sake, let's use the broader definition of faith!
    "complete trust or confidence in someone or something."
    Atheism doesn't have any doctrines or teachings to have trust in. Atheism is a lack of belief. This question is silly.

  • Atheism is equally illogical as theism.

    There is no prove either for or against the current or past existence of any god or gods. If we are going to form our religious beliefs based on logic, agnosticism is the only true answer. Any atheist who is certain there is no god or gods is completely illogical; they seem to believe absence of evidence is evidence of absence, which is simply not true. Agnostic atheism is perhaps the most logical, with beliefs about the world and the universe being dictated by scientific theories and laws. However, agnostic theism is just as logical, provided there is no denial of proven science.

  • Atheism is Not a Faith or Religion

    Religion is defined as 'belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power'. Atheism has niether, and is not a religion. Atheists tend to be those who have learned that having faith is foolishness, and that believing things without evidence is essentially being gullible and stupid.

    Atheism is what you are when someone tells you their god exists, and you don't believe them. Everyone knows what it's like to not believe in some god or other. An atheist feels the same way about your god as you do about Lord Voldemort, Thor, or Zeus. It's really that simple. If atheists are passionate, it is because they see people voting according to delusional and oppressive beliefs, and want to do what they can to put a stop to it, which means trying to reason with the religious, rather than violating their freedom of religion.

    Atheism does not require that you believe in other things. It is not an atheist belief that evolution happens anymore than it is an atheist belief that the Sun shines (both have been observed), but you will find allot of atheists who do believe both are true. How do we know evolution is not an atheist belief? A huge number of Christians, and otherwise religious people, accept evolution as an observed fact, just like they all accept the fact that the Sun shines.

  • Atheism is the Most Logical Religious Belief System

    Atheism is the most logical religious belief because if a person is born, let's say, a Christian, but then converts to Atheism, that person must use logic and thought to question Christianity's beliefs to Atheism. Most religious people are born into that religion because their parents taught that religion to them. Religion requires no thought about their religious beliefs, they just absently follow that religion, not questioning simple logic

  • It's simple logic!

    First, it makes as much sense as "god" where did god come from? How? Why? Also, science isn't just for Atheists. Many scientists are religious, that's why Atheism isn't a faith. Atheism isn't science! Also, if you're an Atheist, your chances of being wrong are equal to everyone else's. No one would admit that though. People of religion believe strongly that THEIR God is right, I'm not trying to convert, but maybe you're wrong. There are so many faiths! Atheists aren't any less illogical. Who knows? Maybe a little-known, almost dead religion is correct

  • I would say yes, but....

    I'm catholic and let me just say that I don't really like atheism in general, it isn't the most illogical faith. That award goes pastafarism, (hopefully I spelt that correctly. I mean it's one thing to believe in something that's human-like, but this took it to a whole new level of weirdness.

  • Atheism isn't a faith system!

    Faith, BY DEFINITION, is "belief without evidence" which is illogical and is a huge part of religion. If anything, Atheists demand MORE evidence. Please study the terms you are using before you throw them at people. Atheism is not, I repeat, NOT a faith system. Do not be so ignorant as to say it is.

  • You pray for me, I think for you

    No offense, but how is a random 'being' creating a garden and placing a single man there who then forwards to create a female from his rib, rational? Or how is a VIRGIN Mary giving birth to a MALE logical? Science is proving these myths wrong, but has religion proved science wrong? No

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ChristopherCaldwell says2015-07-08T02:21:36.517
Atheism is not a belief system. It is the lack of a belief system. The word you are looking for is materialism.