• Atlantis might exist.

    There are lots of reasons why it exists. One of which is that we are constantly discovering lost civilizations!! Just because we haven't found it yet doesn't mean we never will. Plato also put a ton of detail into his writing, which wouldn't be needed if it was just a story.

  • Atlantis could be real

    How do we know it isn't? The ocean floor is massive and largely undiscovered; anything could be down there, even the ruins of a lost city. Yes, i know this isn't much to go on, but unless it is proved there was never a city of atlantis i'd like to think it is real, somewhere below the surface. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but imagine the possibilities. How amazing would it be if they found it?

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  • Atlantis is real!!!!!!

    Atlantis is real because every so often, there is a news report on tv about clues found. Scientists, after all these years, are still searching for more evidence that Atlantis is real. This is because they believe. People say that things like Atlantis are real because they want it to be. People are happy that things in the ocean are only discovered 5%, including Atlantis. Overall, I support Atlantis because of all the clues yet to be discovered about it.

  • Atlantis is real

    People all around the world are saying "Atlantis isn't real, Atlantis isn't real", but in my opinion it is. There are so many websites, articles, books, and magazines that state facts about Atlantis not being a false society... Also doing lots and lots of research it has come to me that The Lost City of Atlantis may still be lost but it can still be real!

  • There's likely a variation of Atlantis that is real, yes

    It wouldn't be the first time ruins of an ancient city were found underwater. The stories about Atlantis almost assuredly have wild exaggerations to them, but like biblical stories, odds are that they do have an origin that actually happened. It probably isn't Atlantis as we think of it, but there's probably something down there that the stories are based upon.

  • Atlantis Currently Doesn't Exist

    Atlantis may have been real at one time when water levels were lower several thousand years ago. The geophysical landscape of the Earth is much different now than it was in antiquity and a city such as Atlantis might have existed at one time. Whether it fell victim to an earthquake or other cataclysm is debatable. Archaeological evidence hasn't proven Atlantis existed sometime in the ancient past, but it certainly doesn't exist now. The legends of Atlantis are real, but a literal answer to the question is that the city doesn't exist in the present time.

  • Atlantis is fictional.

    Atlantis is a fictional civilization with advanced technology mentioned in Plato’s dialogues, his books were the only primary source and there is no archaeological evidence to support Plato’s claim. There has never been a sunken city found and discovering a city would be very unlikely. Atlantis had been known for thousands of years but no one has yet to find any ruins, even with the advanced technology we have today, scientists were not able to find the ruins. Atlantis is rumored to have developed technology, if Atlantis had advanced technology, wouldn’t they be able to counter peril?

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