• Attack on Titan is the Most Amazing Show of all time!!

    Attack on titan is a beautiful anime show that unites humanity together to fight off man-eating titans! Plus, the characters are amazing. My favorite characters are Mikasa, Eren, and of course, Levi Ackerman!! He is sooooo sexy, and badass. Characters like Levi help single girls feel great about themselves because they wish they have boyfriends, but they can't have one, so they date sexy anime characters, like Levi!! My second choice would be Eren Jager, cause he's also cute, but not as cute as Levi!! HA HA

  • Attack on Titan is one of the best!

    The concept of Attack on Titan is truly unique and very few animes have come close or succeeded the standard of AOT. I would like to see a season 2 however I am unsure as to whether there is one going to be made, If you have any info on that please reply and let me know! Akira I found confusing and slow, I genuinely prefer anime series as it allows you to gain a closer relationship with the characters and Akira really didn't do this for me. I have watched a lot of animes and frankly Akira doesn't even come close to my favourites. I definitely recommend Attack on Titan to anyone.

  • I wasn't too crazy about Akira but..

    I don't like Attack on Titan. To me, it's lazy.
    I don't like the 'mystery' [If I recall there isn't really any clues]

    I don't like the characters. [I read the manga] they all dress the same too. With similar styles of looks.

    The titans aren't scary. They're more like giant babies.

    I can't grow attached to any character. I remember reading one scene, some guy named Tom I think... He was just introduced than killed.

    It just seems lazy writing to me.

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