• Nobody deserves homelessness

    Nobody, not even the chronically unemployed, should not have a place to sleep at night. Housing, no matter how poor it is, is the right of every citizen. Otherwise you are sending people out into the cold streets with nothing and quietly letting them be subjected to the cold and an inevitable, lonely, anonymous death.

  • Yes, in a civilized society there should be no homelessness.

    The United States is the richest, most powerful country in the world, and none of its citizens should be homeless. Affordable housing for every citizen may be costly, but the social and economic cost of homelessness outweighs the cost of housing everyone, and citizens who have homes can be more productive working members of society, creating economic activity and benefiting the country.

  • yes it is

    yes, there needs to be a way that all of the people that are in the country can be able to go and get a place to live, no matter what the standign of their financials are right then. I think that we need to all be under a roof.

  • This is too arbitrary

    The prices of houses, the wages people earn, and other factors combine to make it impossible to determine exactly what it means to be affordable housing, and to adopt such standards would be quite difficult. I do not think it is as much an unalienable right as it is something that must be worked for and earned.

  • No, attaining affordable housing is not an unalienable right

    While affordable housing is a great thing and it would be wonderful if everyone could have it, affordable housing is not an unalienable right for every citizen. Housing is something that citizens work to attain and then work to keep. It is not something that the government should just bestow on every citizen. Plans or policies that help people get housing would be something the government might be involved in, but having housing is not a right.

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