• Depends on what type of income and lifestyle you're wanting.

    IF you like the idea of working 3 jobs just to make ends meet, then don't go. But if you'd like to own a home one day or drive off the lot in a new car, or be able to afford nice things and not worry about where your next meal will come from, then college or a trade school is better than nothing. Up until the 1980's a high school diploma could get you into a decent start up job. Not anymore though.

  • In order to make money you need a degree

    In order to get a decent living anymore you need to get a degree to make the money to survive. Because demand for better performance is high. If you have a high school education that is barely getting you a job at McDonalds anymore. They are even looking at people who want to better themselves.

  • A well rounded education is the way to go

    I dropped out of school when I was 16. I completed my G.E.D. and I took a few classes in college. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. One reason is I love to read history books and any kind of book that teaches me something. However, I will never have a well rounded education,which is where college comes in. If I attended 4 years of college I would have taken many courses in which I had little interest but I would have absorbed many different areas of knowledge. I would have also had four years of getting into a learning mode. A self taught person such as myself has many,many,gaps in my knowledge of the world. Those gaps would have been filled with a college education.

  • Yes, attending college is worthwhile.

    Yes, attending college is a worthwhile endeavor. In the modern American job market, it have become nearly impossible to pursue a lifelong career that pays well and offers stability and the possibility of promotion without having earned a college degree. This means that even those who struggle with student loan debt, but completed degrees, are still better off in the long run than their peers who did not attend college.

  • Hard work is more important.

    No, attending college is not worth it, because most people do not learn enough while they are in college that it leads to them getting a better job when they get out. Unless a person becomes a doctor, an engineer, or an accountant, they are better off getting a job and working their way up.

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