Is attitude more important than academic performance?

  • Attitude is love, Attitude is Life

    Seriously, attitude is key to success because you make people's impression of you like you're the "guy to go to". You have a personality that is likable by anyone. It can help someone be more cheerful because of your positive attitude and make the world a better place. And if you Google "why is academics better than attitude" you will find nothing except for this website

  • Attitude is important

    Attitude is very important when it comes to anything. I think that it is definitely more important than academic performance because you cannot get a good academic performance without the right attitude to doing it. Even though academic performance is important, I think that attitude will take you further in life and you will achieve more things through attitude than academic performance.

  • Attitude leads over academic excellence

    Attitude is one thing which can be achieved without academic excellence. Attitude involves right values, perceptions and positive approach to things. This in fact enhances the quality of a human living in a civilized society. The attitude determines the personality of the individual.

    On the other hand, Academic Excellence is only one of the parameters that need to be counted as it is a mere formal qualification and not a parameter which can determine the worth of the candidate who is tested. Academic Excellence can be achieved if one researches, while attitude is something which one has to develop. I can further say, with the right approach and attitude, academic excellence can further be boosted and encouraged.

    Thus, I finally conclude , Attitude leads over academic excellence.

  • No it is not

    Academic performance no matter what the attitude is far more important than attitude itself. Schools shouldn't be social engineering camps where we make little Hitler Youth clones that comply with our specific design of human beings. It's time to let kids, and everyone else for that matter, be themselves for a change.

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