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  • Knowledge really is power, you know.

    As my statistics professor used to say, there are a lot of positive minded morons out there. Which is to say that having the right attitude will get you far in life, it won't take you all the way. Have an attitude of always wanting to learn something knew, and then use that knowledge to succeed.

  • Facts Drive the World

    Anyone can dress up a good attitude, put mustard on it, spice it up with some honey relish and plate it perfectly next to a roast and wine. Yet without the necessary knowledge to back up the attitude, it is still crap no matter how you spice it up. You can't fix stupid, to quote Ron White. You can't fix attitude if there are no facts to back up haughtiness. Knowledge is far more important than attitude because science and factual information should drive our attitudes into action.

  • No, a person still needs marketable skills.

    No, attitude is not more important than knowledge, because attitude alone will not make a person successful. A person with knowledge will have the chance to apply that knowledge to some extent. There will always be a person who want to give them another chance. Employers today do not have the luxury of spending a lot of time training people, so they need knowledge.

  • No, you need both a good attitude and knowledge to get somewhere in life.

    It's wonderful if people have a good attitude, and a positive outlook on life. But to really get somewhere in life, it's also important to go to school and gain a good education. Really, neither one is more important than the other; we need a balance of both a positive outlook on life and a chance to excel by pursuing a good education.

  • Attitude is not more important than knowledge.

    Attitude is not more important than knowledge. I have always been taught that knowledge is power. However, how you control yourself and come across in daily situations can have just the same effect. If you are knowledgeable then you can usually take care of yourself when the opportunity calls for it.

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