Is Attorney General Eric Holder showing bias regarding gay marriage by praising states who shoot down gay marriage bans?

  • Yes, he is.

    He is definitely of the Democrat political spectrum. He is acting pro gay with his actions and sentiments. He should not mention one way or the other regarding these bans. He should keep his opinion to his self and let the states figure out things for himself. I'm sure he is Democrat because Obama elected him.

  • He is and right to do so

    For a country that considers itself the land of the free, we sure do not like giving everyone the same freedom. Everyone is bias, it is just whether they use it for the right reasons. We all have our own experiences, and have our own ideas of what right and wrong is. Eric Holder is using his bias for the right reasons, as we should not treat our own citizens as second class.

  • Yes, Eric Holder is being bias against states in regards to gay marriage.

    Eric Holder is definitely showing a lot of bias by praising states that shoot down gay marriage bans. It's clear where his political view and opinion is on the topic of gay marriage. When he praises states that get rid of bills that prevent gay marriages, it's a sign of bias.

  • Supporting The Majority

    Dear states that feel it's perfectly fine to block peoples rights, the rest of us don't like crap like that. I do not believe Attorney General Eric Holder is showing any type of bias, he's upholding the opinion of the majority. Gay marriage bans are unconstitutional. Stop trying to discriminate against people!

  • No because it is needed

    Are attorney general here in the United States of America Mr. Eric Holder is indeed doing the right thing when it comes to regarding that of same sex marriage across the United States of America. It is a basic fundamental right of equality for all. Thus Mr.Holder should be praising states.

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