• Augmented Reality is more fun, learning and useful in day to day life.

    Augmented Reality technology can be used to portray 3D objects and information in the real world. It combines our virtual and real world. I think it has a vast application. I came to know about a new messaging app that is based on augmented reality technology. It's very interesting you can create your own avatar and make them do whatever you want.
    Try it now...Https://play.Google.Com/store/apps/details?Id=com.Augray.Avmessage&hl=en

  • Augmented Reality For Education, Design and Social Support

    Augmented Reality is easier to interact with and even today in early industry is easier to use than other software's or even other hardware's.
    Augmented reality glasses can be discovering bucket loads of information whilst going to work or school, Augmented reality has the ability to change the world of interactivity and the actions of humans in everyday life.

  • Augmented reality technology is beneficial

    The new version of virtual reality, augmented reality, is a positive advancement in technology. The uses for augmented reality have not fully been explored, but could include foreign travel without leaving your home. The exploration of not just foreign tourist spots, but archeological digs or other various previously unreachable areas can now be fully experienced through digital media. Sea and Space can both be explored through the use of robotics and cameras.

  • Yes, AR technology is beneficial and useful.

    I definitely think that augmented reality technology can be beneficial and useful. I think that AR technology can help a lot of people in certain fields do their jobs a lot better. AR technology can help surgeons perform their jobs better. That is why I think that AR technology isn't just for video games.

  • It is beneficial

    I think it is beneficial for an entertaining sort of way, and will maybe one day be inserted into video games if it has not already. It's a very interesting idea and technology, and I would love to give it a try myself just to see what it looks like.

  • No augmented reality is more harmful than helpful

    Yes augmented reality is useful when it comes to learning but then history teachers will have no use in life plus amazon created a augmented reality app which orders new car parts fro your broken car but then what if you screw up then you will have to buy a new car and ur life will be harder because you have to spend more money for a real mechanic

  • No: Augmented Reality Technology is Not Beneficial

    Augmented reality serves to further distance people from the living earth and encapsulate them in a world of high tech filters. Augmented reality games like Google's Ingress are intensifying the cocoon of high tech fantasy in which we live. Instead of learning practical, hands on skills like growing food or building houses, augmented reality will make them even more dependent on a vulnerable and narrow sighted digital world view. Perhaps augmented reality will find uses in the military, but this is an obvious detriment to humanity at large. By keeping us connected to the digital world at all times, we are losing what it means to be human even as we are tracked and catalogued like inanimate objects in a soulless machine.

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