• Austerity For France

    I personally think that austerity is good for France because it can help the government out a lot as well as the taxes in general. I personally think that austerity is good for France because it will help their economy out a lot. I personally think that austerity is good for France because of their society.

  • Austerity is good for France.

    Most governments of Europe are going to have to face the realities of the current economic environment. It is no longer possible for governments to spend as much money on social programs and welfare as in the past. Austerity is a good idea for keeping countries out of debt in the future.

  • More Countries Should Follow

    I believe austerity is good for France and I believe more countries should follow, especially the United States. Austerity measures usually include spending cuts and tax increases to hold down budget deficits during tough economic times. Being financially responsible isn't always fun and easy, but I believe taking the harder road now is better overall.

  • yes it is

    Yes, I think that this is a good thing for France, and it does a whole lot of good for the country. I think that they see what good it does, and that is why it is going to remain there for a very long time. They know its a good idea.

  • Austerity only makes a recession worse

    France's economic situation isn't strong, and will unfortunately require an injection of money into the economy in order to keep its head above water. Cutting funding to social and welfare programs at times of recession only decreases the amount of money flowing, and hampers any attempt at recovery. The unfortunate truth is that government spending must increase during times of recession, and decrease during economic booms to compensate. France's Economy will improve someday, and austerity may be an option then.

  • Austerity is not good for France

    Austerity is not good for France. It has been proven over time that it is bad for the economy overall. It has been done in UK, and so far it has not worked at all. I believe that cuts need to happen to places in the government that are not that important. Austerity will hurt many good programs that helps many people.

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