Is Australia a good example of how heavy gun control is a good change?

  • Almost Zero Mass Shootings

    Australia has almost zero mass shootings each year, While for America a mass shooting is a monthly tragedy. I’m using America as a comparison because they are the most vocal gun supporters I am aware of. But what if, Instead of focusing on mass shootings, We focus on school shootings, Australia has 0-1 school shootings per year, While America commonly has multiple each month.

  • Absolutely yes for sure.

    I know some Aussies, And from what I've heard, After that horrific shooting in Australia, And the Government's ban of assault weapons, The country as felt a lot safer and more under control. Seems to me that the only people saying No to this are just maniacs who want to keep living in an unsafe, Gun-toting America.

  • There is now a major imbalance of power between the citizen and the state in Australia.

    History shows what happens in countries where citizens are not legally permitted to carry guns. It makes everyone more vulnerable to crime, Terrorism and invasion by foreign powers. People will still have guns, Just not registered. As gun violence declines, Melee violence increases. As fewer people die from gun shots, More people die from the loss of limbs. Sometimes it leads to a breakdown in democracy, An overextention of government power, And a police state that instigates revolt.

  • Nope, Just another Canada.

    They are proof that if you ally yourself with someone who does have guns and can deter all of the threats against your way of life for you, That you can do whatever you want without recourse. But then, What happens when that ally ends up following your lead and no one has them? Enemies come a knocking. . .

  • Violence is Cultural, Not Weapon Dependent

    The presupposition in this question is that guns are responsible for violence, And that there is a distinction between non-gun and gun violence that goes beyond simply the method by which violence is done. This is not the case.

    In many examples, Particularly in Russia where the violent crime rate is high despite the overwhelming gun control law, We can plainly see that gun control has no significant impact on the culture in question. Indeed, Even within America there are fractured subcultures all over the place. A gun ban in an inner city will not have the same impact as upper class neighborhoods within that city, The rural outskirts, Or neighboring small towns.

    To believe that a gun ban alone can unilaterally change a culture's inherent tendency to violence is folly, And ignores the differences in value systems between populations even within the same country.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-06-21T00:26:35.280
They should be more scared than they are. They are certainly more susceptible to communist takeover than any of the ones neighboring us. They might even vote for it.

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