• Australia is better.

    Australia is better because the crime rate is much lower that the United States. The crime rate is so low that police officers do not even carry guns with them. They only carry batons. A killing with a gun would be on television for days. That is how safe Australia is.

  • I Believe Australia Is Better

    It does depend on what qualities one believes makes a better country. Australia is more just, more free, more beautiful, more friendly, and overall a good place.
    The U.S., on the other hand, is volatile, depressing, ugly, violent and messy. The people tend to be uncultured, misguided idiots with no knowledge of the world. The government has shut down, just because of the ridiculous polarized squabbling of the petty parties.
    However, it's impossible to deny that the U.S. Is more powerful, larger, and stronger. It certainly does have a much larger economy. However, it would take an ignorant person (likely misguided by American propaganda, which is massive and unavoidable there) to mistake these for good qualities. The national debt is now at 17 trillion, and rising rapidly. Practically every product is made in china (although this isn't something Australia has avoided either). Plus, America and the American people glorify war - soldiers are held as heroes. They love their military, and are delighted to scream about their nuclear bombs, etc.
    However, I want to add that this is not meant as a criticism of Americans - I am simply pointed out dominant trends. Do not be offended, even if you disagree.

  • Australia absolutely Rules!

    I just moved back from Sydney to Mid-Atlantic USA 2 months ago. Today I am already planning my move back to AUS over then next couple of years.

    1. Whilst there might be a little corruption in Australia, the Goverment seems more transparent and more accountable. If a budget is not approved - they have to re-elect a new government.

    2. Much better quality of life. Sydney is considered the most beautiful and one of the most liveable cities in the world. I just wish it was not as expensive to buy a house in Sydney. I only had a car to travel and see the country on vacations, and maybe for supermarket trips.

    3. Public infrastructure is as good or better than Europe. Even with a relatively small population, government invests in expansion and maintenance of public infrastructure.

    4.. Australians are not paranoid. Overall, except for some of the bogans, they are extremely polite. Quality of life activities (mainly sports) bind people together. Australia has a strong civic bond that sustains all things Australian. Whilst they are trying to improve the integration of the original Australians into society, the civic bond provides great support for multi-culturalism.

    5. Australia cares about Australia first. The Government (overall) might might make decisions that will piss off other countries, but hey, their job number 1 is to look out for Australia. In the U.S. govenment first cares about other countries issues then leave the real issues unresolved at home making americans pissed off and paranoid.

    6. Australia is relatively safe. There are, of course, bad spots - but violence is not embedded in their culture like it is in the U.S.. I feel safe lettting my kid play in one of the 420 public parks in Sydney or Melbourne or Adelaide....

    7. Although people in Sydney can be very insular (hard to make friends in Sydney), Australians are very friendly and interested in learning about other cultures/people. Completely the opposite from americans, who suffer for extreme case of xenophobia.

    8. Although there are deadly creatures in Australia, for the 2 years I lived there I haven't seen much. Maybe a white tail spider, and one encounter with a box jelly. Here in the mid-Atlantic, in less than 2 months I have already encountered: black widow spider in attic, brown recluse in the tool shed, poisonous snake in backyard. Also, when i lived in Sydney I almost forgot about mosquitoes (although I know that there are a lot of mosquitoes and flies around the outback). Here, I could not take my kid outside because of incredible number of mosquitoe bites.

    Yes Australia, you broke me - now I need to find a way to go back to my serenity.

  • 23 Reasons Why Australia is better the USA

    1. 4 of our States capital cities (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide) are all in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world.. Whilst no cities in America are on that list..
    2. We don't have stupid gun laws
    3. We have better coffee, yes Starbucks coffee is crap.. Psh dosnt deny the white girl obsession with frappes though <3
    4. We have the Gold Coast and Bondi Beach, uhuh yeah thats fabulous beaches we got here
    5. We have turtle guides, a period between January and March when baby turtles crawl from the beach to the ocean..!
    6. We get paid more, the average hourly income in Australia is $16, where as in America it can be as low as $5.15 (Georgia)
    7. We dominate the world in Rugby and Cricket
    8. Canberra day, in March our Capital throws a party to celebrate Canberra's birthday. The worlds longest Champagne bar is there.. Yes the celebration is stupid, but the people deserve.. They have to live in that place (shudders)
    10. Two Words, Meat. Pies.
    11. You can apply for a holiday visa online in Australia, meaning a lot less hassle
    13. We have goooood deserts. Mmm those deserts, forget Anzac biscuits and look at them Chocolate Moose's and Carmel Slices!
    14. There are more kangaroos then people in Australia. Isn't that self explanatory enough..? KANGAROOS.
    15. We have better accents the you high pitched americans, half British half Kangaroo accent.
    16. When life gets tough Lake Mackenzie. Yep just look it up, looking at a picture of it makes me feel better
    18. Stunning view of the Great Ocean Road
    19.Miley's ex, Liam Hemsworth was born here..
    20. So was his brother Chis Hemsworth..
    21. Vegemite, yep it looks like nutella, a cheesier version of marmite (literally) ... And of course who dosnt want cheese flavoured vegemite?
    22. We have a low crime rate, and well rarely have any problems which lead into extremely violence !
    23. Australia is extremely multi-cultural ... Which leads to goooood food.

  • Equality. Beauty. Safety. Australia is by far better the the US

    And just because I'm Aussie, does not mean I'm biased. I've travelled to the US and I was stunned. How does the extravagance of Las Vegas even begin to compare to the poverty in the deserts of Nevada and Arizona? It doesn't. Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles. Some of the biggest cities in the US, (not half as good as cities such as Sydney and Melbourne) situated in the same country as the poorest of poor in the desert. And the racism towards African and Native Americans. Come on America, WAKE UP. While I'm not saying that we have treated our Aborigines well at all, we are changing. Australia is starting to become a more racially accepting nation, and that is more then enough reason that Australia is better.

  • Yes its amazing.

    Australia is the home to amazing people. From Toowoomba to Melbourne, its beautiful and natural, with carefree people and light crime rate. Melbourne is in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. Who can top that? Australia is amazing, and im exited to move there when im 18.

  • Australia is the main funder for innovation and creation

    Okay by funder we give the united states most of the materials iron, coal , plutonium and oil and the U.S uses the materials for guns and weaponry next up we are not as discriminant as the united states for starters we are know as a multicultural society and second of all go to Sydney and you'll see finally we were the second out of the two to pull out of afghan so that shows we are willing to stop the Al Quaeda at all costs which shows more courage than the united states also in a side note we may have a terrible prime minister but at least or economy isn't falling to pieces

  • Common sense tells us that Australia is better.

    Based on the world livability index 3 of the 10 most livable cities in the world are located within Australia, including the world's most livable city Melbourne. Not one US city features in the top 10. We have a higher quality of life and are culturally superior in almost every way. The USA only leads the world in obesity and prison population. Also considering the small population Australia is the greatest sporting nation based on average world rankings across numerous sports such as cricket, hockey any many more.

  • Universal healthcare system and a better safety-net

    Australia has a relatively great healthcare system that allows universal coverage to most people. I personally have never heard of a person going bankrupt due to their health in Australia. My understanding of the US healthcare system is that it’s not universal, and suffers from constant increases in health insurance premiums from private health providers. US has state of the art medical research and technology but is only available to those with big pockets.

    The safety-net inAustralia is stronger preventing many people who would be in poverty a chance to get back up. Sure there are those who cheat the system, but that is a side-effect that has been addressed in various ways

  • The lifestyle is unmatched

    Australia obviously isn't as big, as innovative or as powerful as America, but it doesn't have to be to be a truly amazing country. It has some of the planet's most untouched natural landscapes and unique wildlife. It has vibrant, multicultural, booming cities that consistently rate in the Top 10 most liveable cities on Earth. It has a strong, rapidly growing economy that supports a very comfortable middle-class lifestyle that the majority of it's population enjoys. It has a far better health care system. It's far easier and less costly to get educated. It has better employment prospects (much lower unemployment rate) for jobs that pay infinitely more! It has better social welfare mechanisms to support those who need it, and also rewards those who work hard - whether you sweep the streets or are at the top of the corporate ladder. There is none of the dire poverty that you see in America, nor is there the crime, violence, guns and gangs that is so normal in many parts of US. There is none of the racial segregation, or class divisions. There are no ghettos or slums and very little homelessness. The government and corporations do not have nearly as much power, and this is a good thing!
    Australia is laid back, beautiful, diverse, clean, safe, affluent, progressive and simpler. Most Aussies couldn't care less that we aren't the biggest, richest or most powerful country. It's the quality of life for ALL its citizens that matters more than anything.

    Yes, America is the land of opportunity, but seeing so many of it's people living in third world conditions kind of contradicts that.

  • America is better

    America is better than Australia. America is Heaven on Earth America is better than Australia. America is Heaven on Earth America is better than Australia. America is Heaven on Earth America is better than Australia. America is Heaven on Earth America is better than Australia. America is Heaven on Earth

  • If your a bum move to aus.

    Anyone that has a dream. A drive. There's only one america. The computer. Phone. Tablet whatever your reading this on was designed in america. Yes it may be made in China. But it designed and visioned in USA. The bulb in your house USA. The microwave USA. The car USA. The plan USA. You get the drift. I want my kids to grow up where there's opportunity. Not social services and unrealistic minimum wages.

  • Educational System Outstanding Comparatively Speaking

    Although I'm not 'of age', I have learned a lot about how America is better than Australia. Because I am still in school, I have experienced this first hand. In The United States of America, I went to a private school, it was a great experience and I learned a lot, from how to tie my shoes in Pre-Kindergarten, to how to do Algebra in fourth grade. When I came to Australia in fifth grade, I was surprised to see that I was repeating what I had learned in second grade. It wasn't very fun getting moved up a grade and being put with people two years older than me. America is much more advanced academically and I would be glad to say that.

  • NO it is not

    Whose flag in on the moon? If you were born in the USA, you undoubtedly have more opportunities for education and career building in the USA. Even those not born in the USA can find many opportunities in the States. However, Australia limits educational and business opportunities to Australian citizens only and tightly controls foreign interests. In that case, the USA is a better place for opportunity.

  • United States is more vital.

    Yes the crime rate of Australia is considerably lower than that of the United States. But the United States has the worlds largest economy. The United States also has the prized title of having the most technologically advanced military as well as the strongest Navy. The world would take a serious blow in their economies if the United States became an 'isolationist nation'. (Isolationist=You don't know what's going on in the country and they don't trade.)

  • USA has more opportunity

    It depends on where you live and what you are trying to accomplish. If you were born in the USA, you undoubtedly have more opportunities for education and career building in the USA. Even those not born in the USA can find many opportunities in the States. However, Australia limits educational and business opportunities to Australian citizens only and tightly controls foreign interests. In that case, the USA is a better place for opportunity.

  • The Greatest Nation on Earth!!!

    Better Democracy, Republicism, no Union Jack on the flag, Acceptance of Culture and Nationalities Freedom of Speech, appealing History, better more Kinder and Easy Going People, better TV, more Sports, more Culture, Independent from England borders different countries EG: Canada, Mexico. Has there own coins without Kings or Queens on the back of them.

  • Far better on my experience

    I believe australia is much better. It has better customer services, and the pay for jobs is much higher (especially in fast-food places). It is also far more cleaner than america. It's cities are also far more advanced and safe (except at night). I've been to Australian and american restaurants. In America, i asked for a steak. I paid $35 for a simple piece of meat. In Australia, i paid $35 for a piece of meat, far larger, with corn, salad, and my choice of sauces. Australia even has it's abundant nature reserves bought by schools for camping trips. It even has it's dry centre for adventure. Queensland, a state of australia, has all the amusment parks, too. It has more than i can explain

  • Great is a word that belongs to the USA

    All ground breaking scientific innovation (medicine, agriculture, etc etc) happens in the USA. Sure, we have our fair share of dumb cretins, be we have the largest conscientious population in the world (capable of influencing the whole world). We have lots of land that fall in different climate belts. If you don't like the mountains, move to the beach. If ya don't like the cold move south where its warmer. Simply more choices. I've lived in Australia for more than a decade. The land is beautiful but the people are just simply too close minded, insecure, bigoted, devolved in consciousness and lack compassion. Their treatment of the few remaining aboriginal people of australia makes me believe that white australians (english rednecks) have no concept of human kindness. They are downright cruel. Anyone with a conscience will see how blatant this is. I hope you're exploding with joy when you've exterminated them all. Good luck!

  • America is good

    They are both good countries but,
    I have lived in both countries for more then ten years each and I have injoyed America much more. It is cheaper, Healthier community and fells a lot safer. Also Australian theme parks make me cry they are so bad. Though there is some places in America that arn’t that safe like TEXAS. They are both good countries.

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littleninja8613 says2015-04-10T13:47:18.427
Both countries are the same. They both have their pros and cons, things it exports, and so on. It is hard to decide which one is better, so it is safe to say that both countries are equal and I sit on the fence.