• Although diverse we are not tolerant.

    Australia is a multicultural country yet the European (mostly British) culture dominates. As we have seen in recent Asian-Australians and other Asians living in Australia have experienced increased racists attacks. In addition, Before any lockdowns occurred businesses in China towns in multiple cities experienced deep declines in trade due to peoples racist misconceptions. The many Indigenous Australia people do not have de facto equality in the nation, Have never gotten reperations for all the abuse and injury they have faced, Both physical and mental, And no treaty has been signed between any government and the Aboriginal peoples of the lands on which they reside.

  • I don't believe so

    Why I think Australia isn't racist is because we have devoted a lot of Australia with culture and places for people of different races to reside in. Example: Sunny bank is a literal haven for Asians. We've given tons of support to people too, Like the aboriginals benefits of land and private areas inaccessible to non-indigenous people. And we have got lots of cultural diversity rules within workplaces, Etc.

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