Is Australia the best country in the world? I highly doubt that

Asked by: EvanC7
  • They disarmed themselves.

    The Australia government saw that many more of their citizens would be killed if gun control was not passed. Australian's were given the option to hand their guns in, Which majority did without complaining. Now, As America experiences numerous massacres a week, Australian's watch and are thankful for the regulations.

  • They disarmed themselves.

    As a people, Aussies were once renowned for having big sets of hairy balls that would cushion their ride on the backs of Kangaroo and Emu as they traveled to and from work. Everybody in the West loved Australia, So much that Tom Selleck (one of the few remaining toxically masculine men in America) participated in a pro-gun film set in the Outback. Needless to say, Quigley Down Under wasn't the commercial success that Dundee or Steve Irwin were, But it raises a certain point - Aussies were tough.

    Then all of that changed when they decided to vote in favor of disarming themselves when one lunatic decided to shoot a few people. Good f***ing job, Australia.

    Needless to say, A few good Aussies remained who had buried their guns in the desert to hide them from the police. Today, We celebrate those Aussies, Who kept their big hairy balls even when it was no longer fashionable.

  • I don't like it

    I've lived here for almost the past 23 years. I was born here. But because I'm poor, I can't leave unless I grow rich.

    It's too hot in summer. And while we were allowed a plebiscite on same sex marriage, Yet the result disappointed me. Have I told you how much I hate bushfires and heatwaves?

    It's not easy to get a job here even if you've only just graduated from University. Political correctness has gone too far surely.

    If I had a choice then I'd probably live in either Ireland or New Zealand. They're not perfect, But their weather is better than the Australian climate arguably

  • No too hot and monopolies

    Many parts of the country are are very hot and hostile. The okay parts are the coast but the cost of living there is pretty high. It is hard to find a good living there because all the good paying jobs are taken. Move to a place where there is opportunity.

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