Is Australia's carbon tax a positive step to prevent global warming?

  • Its our only option

    Labour’s carbon pricing scheme is the right idea. We need it because it may in the long term reduce carbon emissions from Australia’s big polluters, we need it so that we are in step with the rest of the world when they act on climate change, we need it as a solution or part of a solution to the biggest problem our species may ever face.
    Firstly, this scheme only directly affects Australia’s five hundred biggest polluters. The idea is that the money made in permits for the carbon emissions is given back to the public in the form of reduction in taxes and benefits. This means it doesn’t make life any harder for hard off Australians. Initially the price of a permit for one tonne of carbon is fixed at a$23 for the 2012–13 financial year, with unlimited permits being available from the Government. The fixed price will then rise by 2.5% a year, until a transition to an emissions trading scheme in 2015–16, the trading scheme will force a reduction in emissions by putting a target or cap on the amount. This will lead to a cleaner Australia thanks to the Carbon Tax.
    Secondly, by having a Carbon Tax we are following a world trend in creation of a sustainable future. We are currently part of nearly 33 countries and 18 sub-national jurisdictions with a carbon price in place. Without this we would be looked down upon by the rest of the world much to our embarrassment, with this legislation we have and opportunity to follow or even set an example to other developed nations. We have shown China the right way ahead; they plan to implement a Carbon Tax by 2015. This is a major break through as they contribute nearly a quarter of the world’s total emissions, though this we are one of the world worst contributes per capita. This will hopefully reduce with the Carbon Tax.
    Thirdly, Green House Gasses are slowly making our Earth hotter and hotter. It is also increasing the likelihood of Drought, flooding and many other natural disasters. This will cause many animals to die out and it may cause peril to our own species livelihood. Evidence for Global Warming is that sea levels have risen 8 inches over the past century, this means that the Antarctic is melting, once the ice has gone the Earth will warm up. This is why we need the Carbon Tax so we can begin to solve this major problem.
    In conclusion, we need the carbon tax, so that we have a long term reduction of carbon emissions from Australia’s big polluters. We need it so that we are in step with the rest of the world when they act on Global Warming. Finally it is a solution or part of a solution to the biggest problem our species may ever face, this is why we need the Carbon Tax.

  • Way Government Should Use Power

    This is a perfect example of how a government works in some situations. Most agree that carbon emissions are a problem, and that we need to limit them. Here, instead of simply outlawing some emissions, the government provides incentives to getting rid of your carbon emissions. This would be even better if the government used the taxes gained to reward companies in the same industry with low emissions.

  • If handled correctly, yes.

    This one is tricky. On one hand, it is clearly a financially and politically motivated invention. Yes, it allows budgeting and forecasting on the financial grid, but on the other? The other side to it is that it shows a clear line on emissions and gives visible changes up or down. Hopefully this system will provide a chart that was express financially how much a company could save by lowering their carbon mark.

  • No. Australia's carbon tax is a political trick to appease overzealous environmentalists

    No. The legislation should not be implemented. First, to consider the effectiveness of the legislation, one must admit that the global warming is man-made. The nation is still subject to further deliberation. Second, these overly aggressive environmentalists would not stop asking for new regulations until fossil fuels are eliminated from our daily lives.

  • Encroachment on rights

    What right does the Federal government have to place a price on CO2 emissions, every living thing 'emits', and this doesn't do anything but make china for production even more appealing. Companies want profit, and goods need energy, when the government adds extra taxes, these goods are needed, the same amount of gases are produced, but at a higher cost for consumers. Companies avoid paying this stupid excise by outsourcing production jobs and profits overseas. MAN made Global Warming doesn't exist. If you believe in Global Warming, get two balloons and fill one with CO2 and one with O2 and measure their decent rate =, which one hits the ground first. Hot air may rise but when it cools it goes down and CO2 doesn't trap heat.

  • No, Australia's carbon tax will not prevent global warming.

    Australia's carbon tax is designed to do one thing, allow government officials to forecast pricing over the next three years. The articles published by two different Australian news organizations spoke not one word about the environment. The articles only cite budgets, forecasting, a burden on Australia's businesses and falling prices in Europe. Therefor I see no step towards preventing global warming, only an attempt to generate tax revenue from a struggling sector of Australia's economy.

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sadashivan says2013-05-22T15:27:52.973
Tax is not a solution to any problem. Solution can be achieved by research for economic alternate source
TheElderScroll says2013-05-22T18:16:50.670
But Tax does provide certain incentives for corporation to research for economic alternative energy source.