Is Autism Speaks really spreading awareness and educating people about the different types of Autism?

Asked by: clasheric
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  • No they are not!

    I myself have autism. Autism speaks is ignorant. They only tell people about the people with the very worse types of Autism. They don't tell people about the people with autism like me. I wouldn't be writing this now if my autism was that bad. I can talk and have conversations with people. I feel like these companies are making people like me look bad. Because if I say I was autistic to people they will be like "I feel bad for you." And I am okay, I do not have that many problems. There is no need to feel bad for me. So Autism Speaks is giving people the wrong idea on what autism is.

  • Genocide supporting idiots

    Autism $peaks is a cash grab organisation who supports thing like:
    .People who express a desire to kill their autistic child in front of them
    .Abusive "therapy" treatments
    .Finding a cure for it
    .Promoting fear and stigma among autistic people and describing them as "missing", "sufferers" and "sick"
    Now can you see why I hate them?
    (P.S. I have it too)

  • Are you kidding?

    I go to a specialist hospital school for people with autism, Autism Speaks is a horrible thing. I can talk to people, I am quite intelligent as well! They treat autism like it's a problem to be solved, that everybody with it is broken in some way. People say they are sorry for you when you say you have autism but is it really that bad? Some cases can be horrible and that is a terrible thing to deal with. But there are some pros for autism! I can focus on one subject and really be obsessed with it so I put all my effort into it. I've never gotten below an A grade in any class, ever. I focus on my work completely and my environment melts away until I've finished the task at hand, which is easier because I can get in the right mindset and use the right language. I once even read the dictionary without problem. It is not all that bad, it can suck a lot at points but it can also help at points too!

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