• Auto-tune from hell

    Using auto-tune in live performances is just wrong. Anybody can act like a singer. You don't need any talent or practise your voice. You just sing like a robot. It destroys the soul of music. Singing voice is a unique skill like writing or painting but record companies are only interested on money. Money rules the world.

  • It's insulting to actual musicians.

    It's boring, Bland and sterile. . Music is not about perfection, It's about delivering emotions and feelings, To me at least. . Why pay the guy who actually spends a lot of time practicing to give an unforgettable performance when douchebag Steve can scream into the mic. And fix it with a computer? When you autotune, You are removing the performance of the "artist", And that's boring and just lazy. . But maybe I'm just old and grumpy. I'll stick with the classics.

  • It's lazy, And boring.

    It takes the performance away. It's like having a guitar that just magically plays the right notes for you, You don't get the slight timing mismatches and dynamics that make music good and interesting. Imagine putting autotune on Queen, Or Iron Maiden. It would just ruin the music. So yes, It's killing music and promotes laziness in music. Why practice and get a good take when the computer can just "fix" it for you? F**k me. .

  • Auto tune removes skill from music

    Before auto tune, Music was straight from the person singing. The sound they made was their own and likely couldn’t be replicated. It took quite a bit of skill and not everyone could do it. Now, Anyone who has this software can create their own music that would likely sound like most pop songs today

  • It’s no bueno

    There is less skill used for singing now. Now singers just use auto tune and machines to make their music instead of themselves. What happened to singers just using a mic and playing instruments. Instead, Most singers use random sounds, Like Billie Eilish, Like what the hell, Turn down the auto tune, If you can’t sing without it, Then don’t sing at all, There’s no skill then

  • Im just here in school.

    I just like slipknot & im making a argument with Corey Taylor is saying that it's insulting that modern day music is just making it go through a machine & getting popular in class, I'm gonna use him as a opinion & i'm gonna give context about my grade on it later lol help I have to do homework but i'm here.

  • Your mum gay from auto-tune

    Auto-tune is turning all of our mums gay, This needs to stop before everyone is lesbian even tough i do like lesbian porn A LOT. I want to keep my dad before auto-tune consumes all human beings putting an end to the human race forever. I needed 6 more words so I added this :)

  • Yes it kill

    Listening 50s 60s 70s 80s and early 90s stuff, Starting from rock, Heavy metal, Glam metal, Trashmetal, Popmusic, And other genres what i or not mentionet. They don't needed auto tune because they are experienced singing, They emotion can feel in song with lyrics and without electromusic and auto tuning they can get peoples to listen and no need learn nothing new, But today we use auto tune voices in pop, Rap(90s rap feels undreground and better than todays), They play everytime in radio only because they are popular only using autotune and makes diference when you listen no autotune or with autotune songs.

  • Yes but not always

    I don't think the creative use of it (think the "effect" type use by Kanye West or Sufjan Stevens) is bad by any means. Nor do I think correcting the odd note is a grave sin. I do think, However, That it's creating an unfair expectation of perfection from pop music. There was a certain thrill in the imperfect vocal performances of the past - it's unfortunate to see how little mistakes are no longer so tolerable in a lot of mainstream music because of the popularity of autotune, When it's often those mistakes that gave performances their humanity. Also sucks if you don't like using it because you have to work even harder now. And why on earth are there *musicals* that use it? You can cast anyone, Cast someone who can sing!

  • Auto tune should burn!

    After auto tune was invented you didn't need talent to be a good singer. Just think, If auto tune was never created we wouldn't have the songs that your dad says "This is terrible music. " and then you switch it to country. Sometimes it can be good but to much will just ruin the voice.

  • Lack of creativity is killing the music industry

    Music is not something that can be killed- the industry, however, is using autotune to cash in. Technology can very easily be used (AND HAS BEEN) to create incredible music, from great muscians. I'd say that the christian worships genre & and new country have killed music just as much as autotuned genre pop has. It's all about finding a formula that people like. The industry likes creativity, but not if it means loosing money. The instrument is not the problem, it's the musicians using it.

  • Technology leads the way:

    Is this not what humans wanted? From the models who are photoshopped to the music that is mystically produced and perfected humans enjoy this. As a matter of fact there are advents such as Miku in Japan, an entirely digital band, complete with holographic characters!

    This is how mankind evolves.

  • To someone, You're always cheating.

    Pop music is entertainment. Is the actor who plays batman cheating because he can't actually fly?

    If auto tune is cheating, You should count any other vocal processing too. Throw out EQing, Compressors, Delays, Reverb. These are all added to vocals in EVERY track to enhance the singers sound.

    To someone, You're always cheating. A musician that only performed live in the 1800s will think you're a cheat if you re-record something in a studio. A traditional guitarist will think you're a cheat if you use a loop pedal. I'm sure music producers who use digital audio workstations (DAWs) (logic pro, Fl studio, Pro tools etc. . ) are cheats to traditional musicians who play instruments and compose on paper.

    Since the emergence of pop, And rise of technology, Music talent has been on the decline. Auto tune is not the only thing that has contributed to it. If the argument is to scrap auto tune, May as well throw out synthesisers, DAWs, Microphones.

    The reality is the market has set a demand for this sound. Times change. Its called evolution. It doesn't have to be your cup of tea. It's not really mine in all honesty. Its not going to be for everyone, Just like EVERY genre of music.

    Notice that every generation, The older ones always shit on the younger generations music choice. 'Thats not real music. Its just noise'. The cycle seems to be in full force here.

  • Autotune can't replace talent, But it's not bad at all.

    Autotune is kind of like an instrument if an artist knows how to use it the right way. The electric guitar used to be a crazy new invention, But now it's common in music and nobody is mad about it.

    Most pop artists at least use a little autotune to make their voices sound better. But if you want to hear a good example of a creative way to use autotune, Listen to Charli XCX's more recent music, Especially her Pop 2 mixtape. She unapologetically turns the autotune all the way up to give her voice a cold, Robotic quality that can sound really cool.

    Don't get me wrong, Nothing can ever replace a truly amazing vocalist. If autotune could replicate true vocal talent, We'd have no need for Beyoncé, Adele, And other amazing vocalists. Autotune can't make someone sound talented. It just lets artists stay in tune so they can share their creative vision with the world.

    If you don't like the sound of autotune, Don't listen to it. I'm not going to criticize anyone for preferring a live Broadway performance or classic rock over Top 40 or experimental music. I like autotune, But I still appreciate a talented vocalist. Autotune can't make up for a complete lack of talent and creativity. Good music isn't good just because of the vocal ability of the singer. Songwriting, Production, And many more elements are essential to music. Autotune simply gives more people an opportunity to share art with the world.

  • Depends on how it is used -

    When auto-tune is used by a musician who relies on it to make their voice sound better while singing, then it somewhat ruins the value and appreciation of talent in the industry. HOWEVER, when an artist uses auto-tune to embody an entirely different persona in their music, or to make something that would normally sound boring (like humming) sound cool, then it is not "killing music". And if "killing music" means setting new standards of what is popular, go ahead back to the 60's and scold The Beatles for shaping pop in a different way than it was before.

  • Depends on how you use it

    Autotune is not bad in itself. You just need to utilize it properly and in a good manner like how Travis Scott does. There are artists that do not know how to use autotune properly to create an atmosphere or art. Also, it is all right for autotune to be lightly used in order to fix your singing at times, just do not overuse it. Autotune is just a tool, and just because someone does not know how to sing does not mean that autotune will fix everything for them.

  • No, because talentless people get popular regardless.

    Auto-tune can definitely be used to make a horrendous voice sound okay- and I don't support that. It should be talented people that get popular, people who deserve it. But talentless people get popular often, whether Auto-tune is involved or not. After all, Vanilla Ice got popular way before Auto-tune. There are other ways of covering up a lack of talent. Also, 'killing music'? You can still listen to good music nowadays, you don't have to listen to Top 40!

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