• There's a voice and it's singing. Sounds like music to me!

    Nobody really likes auto tuning now a days and I don't really understand why. Instead of listening to the cool music they instead want to find out if the music is legit. Auto tuning is in a lot of the music we listen to. Why debunk most of the songs that are on the radio just because of auto tune? In the end it doesn't matter about what I think. It all goes down to your opinion.

  • Music is Music

    Music is music with auto tune or not! People still call songs with no words just a beat music so why is auto tune not included as music then? There wouldn't be Millions of singers then if auto tune meant it wasn't music. You may prefer 'raw' music so if you do just listen to music without auto tune and it won't effect us people who like auto tune.

  • Technically, yes. Good? By default, no

    I don't care if it sounds good, if the person can't do it with their own voice, it's bad by default. I remember hearing the Jonas Brothers on Nickelodeon, and they actually sounded good (even though the song was crap) It was pretty obvious that they used auto tune when I heard them on a commercial after the Kids Choice Awards. They sounded absolutely horrible

  • It really isn't

    No it isn't. I have used the software for that before. You do not need to know a thing about music to make a cool sounding noise from a computer. That defies what music is really about. Real musicians, ones that use no auto-tune have an idea of how good music is structured. Sadly, the public is uneducated about this and takes real music forgranted and gives tons of money to the pop industry.

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