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  • Efficiency, prowess, strengthening

    When a mass of people intervene in political agenda (Democracy*), it leaves politicians focusing on gathering support for the next election, keeping those selected supporters happy and taking the politics of course in development. The government needs to be able to exercise authority, without implications from the public & not only worry for the support of a selected group, but the nation abroad; thus, its only plausible that the government exercise supreme authority & the people just give the head of state to the most popular person at the time, once in may construct a stable administration that He or She may dismay and replace at will.

  • Democracy is a clumsy system. Autocracy removes the fight for political power.

    The idealistic view that supports democracy the most is that democracy sets a platform for progressive competitiveness. This idea proves to be false since one never truly knows how a candidate can possibly perform in the post of ruler of a country before he had the chance to prove himself in a state of power. While it may be the case that candidates rise through different ranks on their ways to power, it is very seldom that the majority population considers a person's performance on their journey to power in terms of effective and virtuous governance before voting for a specific candidate. A candidate does not rise through the ranks of power by criteria of good governance, but rather good political play.

    These facts are the symptoms of an ill constructed system that encourages and supports political play rather than noble, virtuous, effective governance, which means that good politicians, rather than good leaders rise to the top.

    In Autocracy or Monarchy there's no room for political play and only room for good, noble governance. If these requirements seem to not be a reality, unrest and a revolution is inevitable.

    Thus, autocracy creates good rule or causes the fall of bad rule.
    Democracy kills the chances for the extermination of bad rule and enhances clumsy rule.

    Autocracy rules. Long live the strong.

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  • Of course not!

    Because I am Korean and Korea is separated into two parts. I want the Northern part to be democratic, not autocratic.

    First of all, I have another reason we should stop autocracy. In democratic countries, there will be voting in suff. On the other hand, autocratic countries are just rules, rules and more rules. You never have the right to do things that are fun. In his 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell said "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." The court will be filled and more than one person. In fact there are a lot people that work at court. In my opinion it is much more fair to the country. I really think that autocracy is not good.

    Following that, the people in democratic countries are happier than people that live in autocratic countries. For example, people in North Korea are forced to live in camps and if they try to escape, they will get executed. The autocratic countries will definitely execute you if you rebel. They do it because they don’t want people forming huge rebels that can overtake the country. Also, leaders are not so pleasing and just passed on to the sons of the leader. On the other hand, the president is elected to be president. In America and other democratic countries, the citizens are very happy. Currently, there are 123 democratic countries in the world. Once again I’m telling you that I want to stretch that.

    Finally, I think that democracy is better than autocracy because autocratic countries are very solitary. For instance, in north korea’s first dictator died, it took ages to reach the big earth. I think I wouldn’t want to be in a country that did not have communication with other countries. Also, America is one democratic country. America is basically the most communicative country. I say North Korea is like the most isolated country. Don’t you? And the reason of that is because of the korean war which started with North Korea invading South Korea. The North Koreans invaded South Korea because of a dictator, Kim Il Sung.

    Despite all the facts I gave you, autocracy still might be good for some people. I really don’t understand why but, they think that autocracy can be good because there won't be any fights in the court and that there is good leadership. The last reason makes me the most puzzled. They think ‘because of the strict autocrat, the citizens will be very obedient’ What? I really disagree.

    If you still don’t believe me, I challenge you to let anyone boss you around for the next half-hour or rebel. I guarantee you will be exhausted after being bossed around and you will feel fresh after rebelling against autocracy. I told you that autocracy is bad because people never get to do stuff they want to, they aren’t free, and biggest of all, the people are very isolated..

  • An autocracy is not the best type of government.

    An autocracy is not the best type of government. When just one person has all the power of a country, no one else has a say. While this may seem obvious, if no one other than one person have all the power and all the sway in that country, people will get mad and begin to revolt.

  • Autocratism is not Ideal

    Autocratic governments are not the most efficient or effective type of government. Nor are they the best. Autocratic leaders often don't take the best interests of their subjects into account when passing laws. As a result, many of the events that occur have a negative effect on the people living in that country.

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