• Its useful to me.

    I have had the date issue that MasturDbtor is having. Thing is, it still saves the dates as a numerical code in the background. Even though it looks abbreviated ... You can go back and change the entire column or whatnot to a particular format after youre done doing your entries.

    Traditionally id say formatting is done after the fact anyways, because you use those formats and apply rules to view the data after you already have it down. Autoformat only occurs as you input the values. It doesnt perpetually try to revert what youve done after that.

    If you know what its going to do before it does it, basically learn it, then you find yourself doing what works smoothly for Excel and youll find that youve begun taking shortcuts that speed things up in the long haul (shortcuts it kinda forces you to make).

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-30T15:02:31.600
It's a love hate relationship in the beginning. I rather like Excel though. Probably the most useful program ever written. There are others more powerful in certain aspects but not as widespread in their application.